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Enter the PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard Promotion to earn points and win up to $50,000 worth SCOOP Tickets

Posted on 16 April 2019

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Leaderboard Promotions are in high fashion these days, in the casino as well the poker world. The reason being the big wins and prizes that await a player once he/ she reaches the top of the leader board or even become one of the lucky ones. And the best part is that, at the end of the game, there are multiple prizes and multiple satisfied gamblers. Moreover, the fun is limitless. So, let us read about the PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard to know what treasures are waiting at the site in this poker promotion.

Pokerstars High Roller Club

Please read ahead for more information about the promotion :

PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard Promotion

Are you a High Roller who likes challenges and dares to go all out ? If you are, then the PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard Promotion will definitely interest you. In this promotion, you can play & battle it out on high- stakes tournaments and expect to share a huge prize up to $50,000 in SCOOP tickets. There are 40 Leader Board Positions and a large number of high stake players, thus the competition will be tough yet thrilling until the end. So, let’s see who makes the final cut. And, if you’re lucky enough, you might even win the $10,300 SCOOP Main Ticket as well.

How can I Claim PokerStars High Roller Club Leader Board Points ?

  • Sign up with a real money account at PokerStars.
  • After login, head to the ‘High Roller Club’ tab and join the High Roller Club Leaderboard.
  • After that, start to play on tournaments (i.e. High Roller Club Events) with a buy- in of $530 or above.
  • The schedule of the High Roller Club Tournaments will be updated on the site. A player can choose his/ her tournaments & then start playing with real money.
  • Earn leaderboard points by cashing in the High Roller Club events.
  • Finish among the top 40 positions & win prizes every month worth $50,000 in SCOOP Tickets.

What prizes can I win with PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard Promotion ?

The PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard Prizes in SCOOP Tickets are as listed in the table mentioned below :

High Roller Club Leaderboard Prizes

Leaderboard Position Leaderboard Prizes
1st $10,300 SCOOP Main Event Ticket
2nd - 10th $2,100 SCOOP Ticket
11th - 20th $1,050 SCOOP Ticket
21st - 40th $530 SCOOP Ticket

What is the Eligibility Criteria to enter the PokerStars High Roller Club ?

  • A player must be a registered member of PokerStars.
  • A player must be of the legal age of 18 or above.
  • A player must Join the High Roller Club Leaderboard and play on poker tournaments, mentioned on the site, with a buy- in of $530 or more.
  • To view eligible tournaments, a player must tap on the ‘High Roller Club’ tab.

How many Leaderboard Points can I earn with PokerStars High Roller Club ?

A player can earn points for cashing into High Roller Club Events. In addition, landing among the top 40 positions means that a player can earn even more points. The points that can be earned by playing on tournaments are as follows :

PokerStars High Roller Club Leaderboard Points

High Roller Tournaments Achievements Points Earned
If you win the Event 50
If you make the final table 15
If you finish in the money (or ITM) 10

What are the terms & conditions for PokerStars High Roller Club Promotion ?

  • This leaderboard promotion runs from the first day of any month till the last day. Its tracking begins at 00:00 (ET) on the first day of each month.
  • The leader board will reset every month. Therefore, the prizes will renew every month as well.
  • The points earned are based on a player’s finishing position.
  • Game play on Satellites does not count towards this promotion.
  • In cases where players have the same score, they will be ranked on the basis of who reached the score from first to last.
  • The High Roller Club Leaderboard Points earned in this promotion are non- transferable and thus, have no value outside of this promotion.

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