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Progressive Jackpot down from $25,000 at PokerStars

Cashback offer

Bonus available for New & Existing Players.

Bonus Details

Max Bonus:$25,000
Wagering Requirement:Not Available
Min Deposit:Not Available
Bonus Code:

No Code Required

Players are rewarded with a myriad of bonus and promotional offers at PokerStars. Moving your hand on your favorite Poker variant can get you huge cash prizes starting from $25000 and on reaching the Jackpot round, players are entitled to a huge Progressive Jackpot. The best part of this offer is that even if you don't reach the jackpot round, you are subject to cash prizes up to $300.

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How to Claim the Jackpot?

  • Log in to your account at PokerStars.
  • Hit on the 'The Deal' option in the main lobby of PokerStars.
  • You can then choose whether to play with the 7 or 70 Starscoin.
  • Select the 'Play Now' option.
  • Post selecting 'Play Now', you'll be dealt with 7 cards and you need to discard 2 to play with 5 cards.
  • PokerStars also gives an option to play on Auto- Play.
  • Follow the table below to equip yourself with the prizes to be won:
Hands 7 Stars Coin 70 Stars Coins
Royal flush Jackpot Round Jackpot Round
Straight Flush $250.00 Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind $30.00 $300.00
Full House $5.00 $75.00
Flush $1.00 $25.00
Straight 50 Stars Coin $10.00
Three of a Kind 25 Stars Coin 300 Stars Coin
Two Pair 7 Stars Coin 70 Stars Coin
One Pair 2 Stars Coin 10 Stars Coin
Ace High 1 Stars Coin No Prize
High Card No Prize No Prize
  • Reaching the Jackpot round will set the wheel on motion. Henceforth, you are subject to huge cash prizes along with an enticing Progressive Jackpot.
  • Players hitting the jackpot will receive the 50 % of the jackpot amount and the other 50 % will be divided between the players who has played The Deal.
  • Each Jackpot starts from $25000 to a huge jackpot amount.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All players with an account at PokerStars are eligible for the jackpot.
  • For higher value prizes, players must select the 7 Stars coin or the 70 Stars Coin buy ins.
  • To claim the half of the jackpot amount, you must play The Deal within 12 hours before the jackpot is hit.

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