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Earn Experience Points with 1xBet Casino VIP Cashback Loyalty Promotion

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1xBet Casino Bonus

Max BonusLoyalty Points
Wagering RequirementNo Wager Required
Min DepositNA
Available forExisting Players
Bonus Code

No Code Required

From free promo codes to enter and register, a lucrative welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, sport betting coupons to Mega and VIP cashback offers, 1xBet Casino has covered all its basis to make their players (in UK, India and worldwide) happy and satisfied. They have time and again proved to be one of the best online gambling casinos available today with their mobile app, customer support and easy access to all the other casino game features with one single click of our fingers.

Let’s discuss about their VIP Cashback Loyalty Program in - detail down below :

1x Bet Casino VIP Cashback Program :

1XBET Casino Company has newly launched their VIP Cashback Loyalty Bonus for their existing, new as well as loyal online players. As soon as a new player joins the casino, they are given the Copper Loyalty Level status. From then on, the more the players play real money bets on casino games that count under the loyalty programme, the more they earn loyalty/comp/experience points at 1xbet casino and the more they rise towards a higher VIP level/status to earn higher cash back bonuses.

Steps to Claim 1xbet Casino VIP Loyalty Program :

To claim 1xbet Casino VIP loyalty club cash back Bonus, a player must follow the given steps :

  • Sign up or register using a free promo code at 1xBet Casino.
  • After login, you receive/earn Cooper Level Status at the casino.
  • Start making real money bets on online casino games like slots, lotteries, Live Casino and board games etc. that qualify under their VIP Cash back loyalty program. Thus, earning experience/ comp points.
  • The higher the loyalty/experience points, the higher the VIP Level, the higher the experience rate and the higher the cash backs.
  • The cash back is calculated by the lost bets from Copper level till Diamond level. As you reach VIP Status Level, you win exclusive bonus offers, VIP customer support and cash back on every bet that is placed, whether you win or lose.
  • This cash back can be credited/earned in to the player’s account at any given point by clicking on the “Withdraw” option of the casino bonus page.

1XBet Casino VIP Status Loyalty Club Bonus Eligibility Criteria :

To be eligible for 1xBet Casino VIP Cash back bonus, a player must :

  • Be a registered player at 1Xbet Casino.
  • Earn Loyalty/comp/experience points.
  • Each VIP level has their own experience rate which decides the number of loyalty points awarded/credited on each bet after every level.
  • For copper level, for each €1 wager/bet, a player wins 100 1xbet experience points. Similarly, the player wins 250 comp/loyalty points for every €1 bet at Gold VIP Level and so on.

1xBet Casino VIP Cash back Club Levels :

There are 8 VIP Levels at 1xBet Loyalty Cashback program. Those are as follows :

VIP Levels Loyalty/Comp/ Experience Points Experience/ Exchange Rate Cash Back Return Percentage
Copper 0 For every €1 bet : Earn 100 loyalty points 5 % Cash Back
[ On Lost Bets ]
Bronze 300000 For every €1 bet : Earn 150 loyalty points 6 % Cash Back
[ On Lost Bets ]
Silver 1000000 For every €1 bet : Earn 200 loyalty points 7 % Cash Back

[ On Lost Bets ]
Gold 2000000 For every €1 bet : Earn 250 loyalty points 8 % Cash Back
[ On Lost Bets ]
Ruby 5000000 For every €1 bet : Earn 300 loyalty points 9 % Cash Back

[ On Lost Bets ]
Sapphire 15000000 For every €1 bet : Earn 350 loyalty points 10 % Cash Back

[ On Lost Bets ]
Diamond 25000000 For every €1 bet : Earn 400 loyalty points 11 % Cash Back

[ On Lost Bets ]
VIP Status 75000000 For every €1 bet : Earn 450 loyalty points 0.05 - 0.25 Cash Back

[ On All Bets ]

1xBet Casino VIP Cash Back Loyalty Bonus Terms & Conditions :

The terms and conditions associated with 1XBET Casino VIP Loyalty Program are as such :

  • Cash back amounts are calculated for the period between the last two cash back withdrawal requests.
  • VIP Cash back returns by 1xBet Casino can only be withdrawn or paid out once in every 7 days i.e. once a week.
  • If any bet is placed within 24 hours of a cash back withdrawal request, then it will not be counted in the cash back calculation.
  • Multiple accounts cannot be used to avail 1xbet casino VIP Cashback loyalty program.
  • The VIP cash backs earned and credited to the player’s account depends upon the type of casino games being played. The percentage at which the games are valued is as follows :

           - 1. Slots : 0.25 % of Slot games counts towards VIP cash back returns.

           - 2. Lotteries ( Keno, Scratch cards, Bingo ) : 0.2 % of Lottery games count towards VIP cash back returns.

           - 3. Board games : 0.05 % of board games count towards VIP cash back returns.

           - 4. Live Casino : 0.1 % of live casino games count towards VIP cash back returns.

           - 5. Virtual Sports : 0.2 % of virtual sports betting games count towards VIP cash back returns.

  • The loyalty/ experience points will not be credited to a player, if he/she placed bets on the following online casino games :

          1. Ph casino
          2. Bingo Room
          3. 1xGames

  • This VIP Cash Back Bonus also plays a major role in 1xBet Casino Mega Cash Back Bonus. The cash back received in the aforementioned bonus depends on your VIP Cashback Loyalty Level. The higher the VIP Level, the more the Mega Cashback.

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