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Boku is an online payment solution that you can trust as it has completed a decade of successfully serving its customers. The expansion of this brand has been quite steadfast ever since its foundation was laid by Mark Britto, Erich Ringwald and Ron Hirson in 2009. It progressed within the first year of its inauguration as it acquired two prominent names; Mobillcash and Paymo; which were the pioneers of carrier billing. It also became the first carrier billing system to introduce an e-wallet to the users which saves them from the hassles of having to enter the phone number on every purchase that they make.

This marked an important benchmark in its journey and soon some of the leading merchants like Spotify and Google were accepting its payments. Needless to say, the online casino industry did not remain untouched from its presence and many Boku casinos came into being which gave the players, the freedom to deposit using their mobile phones without having to share any of their credit card or bank account information. Read below to know more about the features that you can enjoy at these latest Boku casinos.

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Vidicom Limited, Boku Network Services AG, Laika Mobile Connectivity Ltd, Mobileview Italia Srl, Paymo, Inc.

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What is Boku?

Boku is an online payment method that focuses on letting the players make smooth transactions through carrier billing. Available in more than 60 countries it has around 150+ carrier connections, more than 200 partners and also offers e-wallets services to add to the ease of the players. Taking your digital experience one step ahead, it lets you make easy online payments without the need to link any bank account. The amount is charged from your mobile carrier, either through your balance or added to the billing cycle. Furthermore, you can also play at online Boku casino if you wish to fund your casino account safely without the need to share any other details.

Is Boku Safe?

If you are a bit skeptical about security when it comes to making online payments, Boku is going to be the perfect solution for you since you do not have to share any bank details to be able to use this for making any transaction. This guarantees the complete security of all your information specially the bank details. All it requires is a mobile phone and an active SIM card of one of the accepted operators! Further, every time you make a transaction you will have to go through one step authentication which also assures additional security to avoid accidental purchases or any security concerns.

Why Should You Use Boku?

With the increased digitization, buying products and subscriptions online has become quite common. Similarly, there has also been an increase in the number of players enjoying online games and thus the number of online casinos has increased. To keep up with this increased number of players, these casinos provide a number of payments methods like Neteller, Skrill and Trustly. But Boku has managed to stand apart from these which can be attributed to some of its features that have been discussed below in this Boku review.

Carrier Billing

Carrier Billing

Boku lets the players use carrier billing for making transactions which allows them to pay through their mobile phones if they choose to pay by Boku. It works in collaboration with mobile carriers operators thus you can make transactions through your mobile balance or bill instead of your bank account. This lets both the prepaid and the postpaid users use this payment platform flawlessly without any limitations.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Boku focuses on giving freedom to the players to be able to make online payments without the need to even having a bank account or going through any additional hassles. Thus, to add to the convenience of the players, it has also launched an e-wallet which saves them from manually entering the phone number on every transaction. You can just add the information once and designate this as the default wallet to pay online whenever you want.

No Download Required

No Download Required

You can make transactions smoothly using Boku without much efforts since it does not require any download, installation or even registration to be able to make a payment using this platform. All you have to do is select Boku as a mode of payment and you will directed to the proceed to authentication and then the transaction.

No Bank Account Needed

No Bank Account Needed

Perhaps the best thing about this platform which would definitely get it some additional brownie points is that it lets you make transactions without linking it to any of your bank accounts or credit cards. This implies that even if you do not have any bank account, you will be able to play online!

Free Transactions

Free Transactions

Boku is focused on simplifying online payments for its users and ensures that they do not have to pay for it. Thus it does not charge you for making any transaction using this. Although it does come with a maximum limit yet it does not cost you anything as there is no Boku fee charged to the customers.

Bonus and offers

Bonuses and Offers

Thanks to its immense popularity many online platforms now offer attractive bonuses and promotional offers if you use this as a mode of payment while buying a subscription or a purchase at them!

Online Gaming

Online Gaming

Just like all the online platforms, online casinos have too acknowledged the easy to use Boku and accepts it as a mode of payment. So, if you are the one who loves to play online casino games, you just need to find an online casino that provides your favorite games and accepts this as a payment method. That's it, you will be able to use it for playing online games. Further, some Boku casinos also provide exclusives bonuses and promo codes that award exclusive bonuses to the players using it as a payment method.

How Does Boku Pay By Mobile Work?

Making purchases within a few seconds could not be easier than it is with Boku since it does not require any registration or download. There are a large number of Boku casinos that let you use it to fund your casino account and enjoy the games that they provide. The only aspect that you need to take care of is to ensure that you sign up at a Boku casino that accepts this as a payment method. Once you have done that just follow the steps given below, and if you are lucky enough you may also a welcome bonus on your first deposit at the casino.

Making a Deposit with Boku

  • Select Boku as the mode of payment.
  • Enter your mobile number and confirm the purchase.
  • You will be sent an SMS on the mobile number for authentication.
  • Reply 'Y' to the message that you receive to validate the payment.
  • The payment will be successfully made and the amount will either deducted from your mobile credit or added to your cycle.

Boku Withdrawals

Since Boku does not save any information of its players or their bank details and is only linked with their mobile operator and mobile number, it is not possible to make a withdrawal using this payment method. You can only use it to pay for only transactions and not receive funds.

Boku Transaction Fee

Boku assures hassle-free transactions for the players which have made online gaming a lot more fun. Further, to top it off on a good note, there is no Boku fee charged to you on any of the transactions as it is deducted from the merchant every time you play online. But, it does come with a few limitations and the maximum and the minimum deposit that you can make using this payment method are capped at $10 and $30 respectively. Further, due to the restrictions on gambling in certain restricted countries, you may not be able to use Boku to fund your casino account. However, you can use them to fund your e-wallets that are accepted at these casinos which also assures additional security.

Who accepts Boku Payments?

Thanks to security and the ease that it offers, many users have switched to using Boku which has inturn made more and more business and industries switch to this payment some of which have been briefly described below.

Online Casinos

Security remains the main concern for the players when it comes to playing at an online casino. But since Boku gives the freedom to be able to make a deposit without having to share the bank details, many casinos have incorporated it in their list of accepted payment methods. Thus making it easier both for the players and these casinos to fave fun while play online.


Boku also gives an option of making recurring payments which means, you can pay your monthly subscriptions of Spotify or Google through your mobile carrier each month. However, if at any time you want to stop these, you can just reach to customer care and block your number or contact the merchant to cancel these subscriptions before the amount is deducted.

Buying Products

many leading online merchants like eBay, Flipkart, Uber, Amazon and Google now accept Boku as a payment method. Thus if you want to do online shopping, Boku pay by phones can be your easy go-to option.

Funding E-wallets

In addition to these, Boku also gives you the freedom to use this payment method to add funds to other e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, Trustly and others. This does not only offer additional security to the players but also gives them a wider option to use carrier billing for the transactions that they make.

Two Solutions at Boku Payments

The entire services that Boku Payments provides to the players can be grouped into two types of payment solutions for the players that are aimed to make 'carrier billing' more simplified and useful for the players. These have been briefly described below.

Payment Solutions

It targets making online purchases easier for the customers and gives more flexibility when it comes to the currency and languages it supports. It also gives additional options like hosted check out, direct debit and recurring debit which is going to make it easier for you if you are looking to get more payments to grow your business and increased payments.

Identity Solutions

Derived with a zeal to provide a safe and secure payment platform to the players, Boku offers these services to the merchants. It makes sure that all the information of the users is authentic and is safe and secure. It has more than $1B+ authenticated users and 170 partners in more than 50 countries which speaks volumes about the level of security it offers to the players.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Boku to pay at online casinos?

    Yes. Thanks to the growing number of players who prefer using this payment method to make online transactions, many online casinos now accept Boku as a payment method. This has made playing online games easier for the players.

  • Is Boku available for pay on the go viz prepaid mobile users?

    Both the post-paid and the prepaid users can use Boku as it does not come with any limitation. You can use this payment method to make a transaction even if you have a prepaid mobile number in which case the amount will be deducted from your mobile balance.

  • Is it possible to withdraw my funds to Boku?

    Since Boku does not need any of your bank details or credit card information, it is not possible to make a withdrawal to this payment platform.

  • How will I be charged?

    Boku lets you make easy transactions at online platforms without using any of your bank details. The amount that you pay will either be deducted from your mobile if you have a prepaid mobile or will be billed to your next phone billing cycle if you have a postpaid phone

  • What do I need to be able to use Boku?

    Boku has simplified making payments online and in order to be able to use it all that you need is a mobile phone with an active SIM card and a supported carrier. This will be let you make transactions even if you do not have an account or a credit card.

  • Who accepts Boku Payments?

    You can Boku at a number of platforms as it is supported by many merchants. To name a few, you can use it to pay for subscriptions for brands like Google or Spotify. You can also make transactions from Paypal to Boku or use Boku to fund your PayPal account.

  • Can I get a casino bonus on making a deposit with Boku?

    Yes. Along with accepting it as a mode payment, many leading online Boku casinos do not only give freedom to the players to make a deposit with ease using their repaid or past mobiles but also give them generous welcome offers as a welcoming gesture.

  • Does Boku offer an e-wallet service for the users?

    Although, Boku is better known for letting the players make transactions without the need to share or save any of the bank details yet recently it also offers an e-wallet. This facilitates playing online just like the other e-wallets including Neteller, Skrill and Trustly but with a few added advantages like carrier billing, free transactions and no bank accounts needed.

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