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Zimpler, a swedish fintech company which began its tenure in 2012 with an idea headed by two gentlemen, Johan Friis and Ekman Sinclair. The thought to make accessible an easy and swift mobile payment method drove this idea towards reality and shortly after that the very first version of Zimpler was launched. Zimpler began its stint in Stockholm and Gothenburg with a vision to create a modern mobile wallet that eases transactions in the states of Sweden, Finland and Germany. At present, Zimpler has 112,000 and above users making payments and now it is planning to venture into some more markets across the Europe.

Zimpler – Key Details

Founding Year 2012
Founders Johan Friis and Ekman Sinclair
License Finansinspektionen or Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), Sweden
Current Users More Than 112000
Companies Working With Zimpler VISA, Mastercard, PRPO, Dev Code, Hellow, Bank ID, Bambora, Tessin, Twitch and Bitpanda
Prominent Markets European States like Sweden, Finland, Germany, Berlin etc
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Why Use Zimpler Payment Method?

  • Licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority, Sweden
  • Simplified Mobile Payments Method
  • Sign In Not Required On Every Transaction
  • No Deposit Fees and Quick Payouts
  • Helpful and Responsive Customer Support

What is Zimpler Payment Method?

A mobile payment method which originated in Sweden giving the users complete control over their deposits and withdrawals. After attaining its license as a Payment Institution from Finansinspektionen, the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), Zimpler strives to provide a trustworthy and swift payment method across the European borders or European Economic Area. Zimpler has around 40 employees in its offices located in Berlin, Stockholm, Haparanda and Gothenburg.

With the Swedish Gaming Regulation 2019, Zimpler provides a one – stop solution to all the online companies holding a valid license to operate online casino games, e – commerce, gambling merchants etc. The re – regulation of online gambling in Sweden happened on January 1st, 2019, post which players cannot deposit or withdraw via Zimpler from any non – licensed online gambling site.

Types of Zimpler Payment Method

Zimpler works in collaboration with these trusted payment companies – VISA, Mastercard, PRPO, Dev Code, Hellow, Bank ID, Bambora, Tessin, Twitch and Bitpanda. This distinct mobile payment method is further divided into the following two parts which serve different purposes:

Zimpler ID

Zimpler ID can work as a digital verification solution that can work in place of Bank ID. It works just as the payment flow would work but the payment step is removed from the process that Zimpler ID follows. Users do not need a username, password nor do they need to fill in any account details. Also, with Zimpler ID, users do not need to confirm their credentials via any third party confirmation link. Your transaction done shall get locked digitally when you have Zimpler ID.

Zimpler GO

'Sign in without creating an account', that is what Zimpler GO is all about. Users can skip the conventional method of navigating to the website and signing in by filling in all the required details. Instead, this newly launched method of making payments provides the user with only those newsletters or information that they are interested in knowing about. Avoiding the unnecessary flooding of emails and stuff that is useless for you to know, take on the Zimpler GO way where you do not have to go through the hustle of making a new account to do your transactions.

How to Sign Up at Zimpler?

Zimpler allows you to deposit and withdraw money via different modes viz. credit card, bank or bill. More than 1200 sites provide an option of making payments via Zimpler. The first and foremost step requires you to sign up at Zimpler in order to start transacting. Follow three simple steps to sign up right now at Zimpler:

  • From your mobile phone, visit Zimpler's main website.
  • Click on the 'Sign Up' button. Fill in your phone number and confirm it by opening up the link received via SMS.
  • Using your Bank ID, confirm your identity.

How to deposit using Zimpler?

For now, Zimpler accepts deposits only from customers residing in these three countries: Germany, Sweden and Finland. Making deposits via Zimpler is a very simple, safe and secure mode of payments. When making Zimpler deposits, users will have three different options to choose from. These are briefed below:

  • Bank: Depositing at Zimpler via your bank account requires you to select your bank account first and enter your account number. Click on the 'Pay' button and your deposit will get confirmed once the amount you entered gets deducted from your account which usually takes 2 days. Your first time bank payment will establish a connection between your selected bank account and Zimpler within 4 – 7 business days.
  • Card: When paying from your card for the first time, users can add their card details and save them for future payments. The payment processing companies that Zimpler works with are Mastercard and VISA. Zimpler has got an encrypted format where all the deposits and withdrawals made are covered by the 3D – secure security check. Furthermore, payments made are confirmed by an email and a SMS.
  • Bill: Zimpler has yet another method of making payments which is called 'Bill' or 'Invoice'. Your payments will get registered within the next 24 hours if you are transacting using Invoice. Users will get a SMS comprising the link from where you can access all the information about the Bill payment. Choosing to pay via Invoice requires you to pay fees as well which shall depend upon the amount of purchase you're making.

How to withdraw via Zimpler?

An easy and quick process to request withdrawals is devised by Zimpler. Withdrawals via Zimpler are available only to the residents of Finland and Sweden. The points that follow give a quick summary of how to place withdrawals via Zimpler:

  • Find Zimpler withdrawal method on the casino you're playing at and add your phone number to place a cash out of your bonus winnings.
  • You will receive a PIN via SMS onto the mobile number that you've entered.
  • In case you are making a withdrawal request for the first time, then you'll be asked to select your bank and enter the account number.
  • Confirm your request by clicking on 'Send' button and as soon as your withdrawal is confirmed, you will get a SMS.
  • Withdrawal timings shall vary from one bank to another. If you're withdrawing via Nordea, Swedbank or SEB, you will receive your money in just 5 minutes but if you've chosen Handelsbanken, then within 12 hours, your requested withdrawal will get credited.
  • Swedish banks such as Danske Bank, Skandiabanken, Länsförsäkringar, Ica Banken shall take some more time to process the withdrawals. By the next working day, you shall receive your money if you're withdrawing via these banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Zimpler Payment Method work?

    Zimpler is a deposit and withdrawal method popular in Sweden, Finland and some other European countries. Presently, Zimpler is used as a payment method in more than 1200 sites of online casinos, e – commerce etc. Users can make quick transactions via bank, invoice or credit/debit card from this one place only. All that one has to do is, link their phone number to their Bank ID and make a purchase by entering the PIN received on the registered mobile number.

  • Is Zimpler Payment Method safe?

    • Yes, making payments via Zimpler is absolutely safe and secure. Firstly because Zimpler holds a valid European security license from the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), Sweden.
    • Secondly, at this licensed payment gateway, card payments go through a 3D – Secure security check plus full KYC of every single user is conducted. This implies that Zimpler registers every user's information once they make their first deposit with Zimpler.
    • Zimpler also handles chargeback and fraud purchases in such an efficient way that the users will never lose out their real money funds.

  • Is there an app that Zimpler supports?

    No, Zimpler does not has any app available for its users but it is payment method that is compatible with mobile devices and players just need to confirm the PIN that they shall receive on their registered mobile number whenever they make a deposit or withdrawal.

  • Does the UK online casinos accept Zimpler as a method of payment?

    Not many but few online casino sites from the UK allow Zimpler deposits and withdrawals. Sign up at casinos like Spinit Casino, Slots Heaven Casino, Mansion Casino, etc and you can make your transactions via Zimpler.

  • How to make transactions at Zimpler Casinos?

    You can make deposits and withdrawals at your favorite online casinos accepting Zimpler by setting up an account at Zimpler which does not requires you to login every time you want to make a transaction. Just link your preferred mode of payment to your phone number and your transactional request shall get placed in no time. Following are the payment methods that you can link your phone number with:

    • Debit / Credit Card
    • Bill or Invoice
    • Bank Account
    • Zimpler Account

  • Can I pay while signing up at Zimpler?

    Yes, anyone using Zimpler can make their payments swiftly and without any hassle while signing up only. The only thing you need to do is, enter a valid mobile number and the PIN received on the same number asking you to confirm your deposit or withdrawal.

  • How is Price limit determined with the Bill / Invoice option at Zimpler?

    As per the Swedish law, when a player is depositing for the first time via Bill / Invoice, a credit check will start whose information will be sent to the user via an email. User's financial well – being is checked after this credit check is done. Then, a credit limit is fixed which shall get changed after a certain period of time. This credit limit shall be increased if the user pays Bills / Invoices well in time but in case of delayed payments, this credit limit shall get decreased considerably.

  • What is Zimpler Budget?

    • Players using Zimpler can set a budget for themselves as to how much they want to spend every month. You can set your 'Zimpler Budget' limit and when you will reach the limit you've fixed for yourself, you will receive a notice regarding that.
    • This limit for Zimpler payment method shall be applicable for all the payment methods at Zimpler. All the users can increase or decrease this limit or even remove this limit barrier.
    • To increase the Zimpler Budget, player's account is required to be zero. In few rare cases, the account holders and Zimpler have a mutual consent if they want to activate Zimpler budget. In such cases, Zimpler shall fix an intact budget limit for three months. Players are free to decrease this limit anytime.  

  • Will I be charged via my phone bill?

    No, while using Zimpler, you'll have different options of placing your transactions such as Bill, Card and Bank ID. The amount you enter to deposit shall get deducted only from the method you've selected and your phone number will serve as your identity and no money shall be charged from your phone bill.

  • What do I do if I do not get a message confirming my withdrawal?

    If you do not get a confirmation message from Zimpler regarding your withdrawal, then you need to contact the Support staff of the casino you're playing at. If everything is clear from their end, then Zimpler might not have received your payout request and in that case, you can simply make a new withdrawal request.

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