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Online Pai Gow Poker for Real Money

”Pai Gow Poker”, the name in itself is daunting, isn’t it? But, the good news is Online Pai Gow Poker is going to be a breeze if you already have a hang of Poker. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly brush up your game rules and strategies because you simply cannot resist from playing the game of Pai Gow Poker.

Quick Facts

  • A 53-card deck game
  • Check Online Casino Bonus
  • Know Hand Ranking System

Top Online Casinos for Playing Pai Gow Poker

How to Play Pai Gow Poker

Before we introduce you to Online Pai Gow Poker, how about a quick recap on the Hand Ranking System? It will surely come in handy whilst playing Online Pai Gow Poker.


  • Five of a Kind: Five cards are of same rank, i.e., same value. Thus, only possible when playing with a wild card aka “Joker”.
  • Royal Flush: It is an ace-high Straight Flush. Read the next point to find out about Straight Flush.
  • Straight Flush: Five cards are of sequential rank from the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: Also known as ‘Quads’, a Four of a Kind has four cards of the same rank and one card of another rank.
  • Full House: Three cards are of one rank, i.e., same value and remaining two of another rank.
  • Flush: Five cards are of the same suit but not in sequential rank.
  • Straight: Five cards are in sequential rank but not of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind: Out of five cards, three are of the same rank and the remaining two are two other ranks.
  • Two Pair: Out of five cards; two are of the same rank, two are of another rank and the third one is of third rank.
  • One Pair: Out of five cards, two cards are of the same rank and remaining three are of three different ranks.
  • High Card: The five cards are neither in sequential rank nor of the same suit. Also, these five cards do not have same rank.

Now, moving on to Pai Gow Poker, it is a game based on the Chinese Domino game Pai Gow but is played with poker combinations. The game is played with a 53-card deck which is inclusive of 52 cards and a joker. It can be played by up to 6 players at a time.

Joker: The Wild Card

The ‘Joker Card’ act as a wild card in certain situations like, it can be used as an Ace or it can help you finish a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Flush and Straight.

Bare Minimum Betting Amount

The minimum betting amount varies from online casino to online casino. But generally, you can bet as little as a $5. Once you place your bet and are satisfied with the betting amount then click on “Deal” to receive cards.

Quick Tips for Online Pai Gow Poker


Play Bank whenever possible

As gathered before, banker always has an advantage of stand-off hands. So, why not avail the opportunity as and when possible!


Be vigilant whilst dividing the cards

The 5-Card Hand should be higher than the 2-Card Hand. Be extra-careful when dividing your set of dealt cards into two hands because one careless mistake can lead to losing your real cash.


House Way will resolve your dilemma

When in dilemma how to divide the cards into two hands, follow the House Way. House Way is the prescribed way in which the dealer divides the card.

How to Find the Best Pai Gow Poker Casino

The game of Online Pai Gow Poker has established popularity in the field of Gambling due to its ease of playing. Therefore, many online gambling sites have initiated to offer the game to maiden players. But, we do not want our players to stake their real money just anywhere. So, we present you with some parameters which need to be taken into account whilst choosing an online casino to try your fate with Online Pai Gow Poker

Payout Percentage

Payout Percentage: “The more, the merrier”

The Payout Percentage is the amount of winnings paid by a casino against the wagering amount. The higher the percentage, the better it is.


Security of Your Real Money

Ensuring the safety and security of your real cash is of utmost importance. Hence, do check all accreditation before signing up with an online casino to play Online Pai Gow Poker.

Gaming Software

Gaming Software

To play Online Pai Gow Poker, choose an Online Casino powered by the best gaming softwares. Microgaming, PlayTech, NetEnt to name a few. These gaming softwares ensure a smooth and fair play.


Mobile Casinos

To play casino games on the go, sign up with Online Casinos which offer user-friendly mobile casinos.We have listed Online Casinos which offer the same so that our players can enjoy Online Pai Gow Poker whilst traveling.

Pai Gow Poker Game Rules

Before wagering your real cash, equip yourself with the know-how of Online Pai Gow Poker. Let’s take a brief look:


Dealer plays against other players

The dealers plays against other players sitting at the table and vice versa. Before every deal, each player puts up a stake of real money.


Seven cards are dealt to each player

Seven cards are dealt to each player and all players with an exception of the dealer are allowed to take a glance at their cards.


Divide the cards to form two hands

The set of seven cards dealt is divided into two hands: a Two Card Hand and a Five Card Hand. The ‘Online Pai Gow Poker Tips and Strategies’ Section will come in handy for the division of cards.


Determination of Result

Once everyone place his/her two hands, i.e., the Front Hand and the Low Hand then all the players reveal their cards. Before players expose their cards, the dealer exposes his two hands and from this point onward, none of the players can touch the cards.

The result is determined by comparing player’s 5 Card Hand with the dealer’s 5 Card Hand and the player’s 2 Card Hand with the dealer’s 2 Card Hand:

  •  The dealer pays out the amount staked by the player if the player wins both hands.
  • The player’s stake is paid out to the dealer if the dealer wins both hands.
  • The situation where the dealer wins one hand and the player wins the other is known as a “Push”, No real money exchange happen in a “Push”.
  • If either hand is tied, the dealer wins that particular hand. For example, if the dealer wins 5 Card Hand while the 2 Card Hand is tied, the dealer wins. On the contrary, if the player wins 5 Card Hand while the 2 Card Hand is tied, it is a “Push”.

Dealer/Banker’s Advantage

Without a doubt, the dealer has an advantage of winning tied hands. Thus, for a fair play, everyone is given an equal opportunity to be the dealer.

Acquaint yourself with the game strategy of Online Pai Gow Poker to turn the odds in your favour whilst staking your real money. This section will feed you with all the possible situations and how to deal with them.

Here we go:

Situation 1: You hold No Pairs, No Straight and No Flush


  • A Two Card Hand: Use your second and third highest card
  • A Five Card Hand: Use your highest card

Situation 2: You hold just One Pair and No Flush


  • A Two Card Hand: Use your two highest single cards
  • A Five Card Hand: Use the pair

Situation 3: You hold Two Pairs


  • A Two Card Hand: Use the lower pair
  • A Five Card Hand: Use the higher pair

NOTE: If you have a single ace then use the ace in the Two Card Hand and keep both the pairs in the Five Card Hand. (Check Situation 8 for reference)

Situation 4: You hold Three Pairs


  • A Two Card Hand: Use the highest pair
  • A Five Card Hand: Use the remaining 2 pairs

Situation 5: You hold Straight and Two Pairs


Play as Two Pairs (Situation 3) and ignore the Straight  

Situation 6: You hold Five-Card Straight


  • A Two Card Hand: Use the two cards not in Straight
  • A Five Card Hand: Use the Straight

Situation 7: You hold Six-Card Straight


  • A Two Card Hand: Use the highest two single cards
  • A Five Card Hand: Use the remaining straight

Situation 8: You hold Flush and Two Pairs


  • Play as Two Pairs (Situation 3) and ignore the Flush.

Situation 9: You hold Full House


  • A Two Card Hand: Use the Pair
  • A Five Card Hand: Use the Three of a Kind

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