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Online Sic Bo for Real Money

With dozens of bets to remember, does Online Craps seem overwhelming? Roulette isn’t exciting anymore? If yes then go for Online Sic Bo, also known as Tai Sai. Three dice are rolled inside the Sic Bo Cage and all you need to do is gauge the outcomes. Simple, isn’t it? To ensure that our gamblers get a knack of this incredibly easy game, our gaming experts have compiled all Sic Bo game rules and strategies in this one-stop guide. With the help of this guide, you are surely to master the game of Online Sic Bo.

Top Online Casinos for Playing Sic Bo

How to Play Sic Bo

Before raising your stakes in Online Sic Bo for real money, get a hang of the two most substantial components of the game: the Betting Board and the Dice. Initially, for a novice bettor, the Sic Bo table aka the Betting Board might be a little confusing but the more you play, the better understanding you will have.

The game begins by choosing the chip size and placing your chips on the area of the Sic Bo table corresponding to the bet you intend to make. Whilst playing Online Sic Bo for Real Money, you select the chip size by clicking on plus/minus button. After finalizing the chip size, you place the chip on the appropriate area of the virtual Sic Bo Table. Always bear in mind that you can place multiple bets in one go.

Quick Tips for Sic Bo

Stick with Small and Big bets

Alike ‘Red and Black bets’ in ‘Roulette’, ‘Small and Big bets’ in ‘Sic Bo’ are low-risk bets. If you intend to gain something whilst staking your real money then ‘Small bet’ and ‘Big bet’ is definitely the best pick. For a winning bet, stick to Small and Big Bets.

Choose a Combination of Bets

To increase the probability of your winning, choose a combination of bets instead of a single bet. With three dice in play, there are heaps of potential combinations to occur and thus, the chances of your win are likely to hike.

Get Hands On Experience For Free

Before staking your real money, get hands on experience of the game on free version of the game. Many reputed casinos offer a free play to get a hang of the game before you risk your real cash.

How to Find the Best Sic Bo Casino

Have you already initiated your search regarding the best Online Sic Bo Casino? If yes then you would not have been able to find many online casinos offering the game. The simple reason being, the game comes with way too high payouts. So before choosing an online casino for yourself, do checkout the payout percentage.

high payout percentage

High Payout Percentage

The Payout Percentage refers to the rate at which the casino pays out in winnings as compared to the amount gambled. So, before beginning to play Online Sic Bo at an Online Casino, ensure the casino offers a fair payout percentage.


Banking Methods

Before signing up with an Online Casino to play Sic Bo, do check the number of deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the casino. The more the methods are offered, the smoother the transaction becomes. A good website always includes transactions via ewallets along with other banking methods. Take a note of the same!

Software and Support

Gaming Software

For a smooth and fair play, opt for gambling websites which are powered by efficient gaming software including Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech.

Sic Bo Game Rules

The game of Online Sic Bo is a sheer luck-based game. Nonetheless following Sic Bo Rules will come in handy whilst choosing your winning bet:


With three dice in rolling, there are heaps of outcomes on which you can place the bet. Let’s take a brief look on all betting options available to a player:  

  • Small Bet: For the Small Bet to win, the sum total of three dice should be small, i.e., anything ranging from 4 to 10. (Payout 1:1)
  • Big Bet: For the Big Bet to win, the sum total should be big, i.e., anything ranging from 11 to 17. (Payout 1:1)
  • Double Bet: If you wager your real money on the double bet then you are betting for a specific number to be rolled on two of three dice. For example, if you place a double bet on 4 then on rolling out of two 4’s, you will win. All double bets lose if the triple appears on 3 dice. (Payout 1:10)
  • Triple Bet: The Triple Bet is further classified into two: Specific Triple Bet and Any Triple Bet. If you place a bet on Any Triple Bet then the odds will be in your favour if three dice roll the same number. As the name says “Any” number would count for the bet whereas for the Specific Bet, you need to wager for a ‘Specific’ number. (Payout for Any Triple Bet 1:30, Payout for Specific Triple Bet 1:180)
  • Total Bet: The Total Bet is similar to Small and Big bets with an exception of higher payouts. The payout for each outcome varies. The Sic Bo table has the payout for each outcome mentioned on itself. For example, the total of 4 and 17 have the maximum payout of 60.
  • Combination Bet: With the Combination Bet, you wager your real cash on a combination of two specific numbers which will show on 2 of 3 dice. The Combination Bet is considered to be the medium-risk Sic Bo strategy. (Payout 1:5)
  • Single Bet: According to a Single Bet, you wager on one specific number which needs to spin on one of the three dice. (Payout 1:1)

Sic Bo — Atlantic City Rules

Small, Big 1 105 0.486111 -0.027778
4, 17 60 3 0.013889 -0.152778
5, 16 30 6 0.027778 -0.138889
6, 15 17 10 0.046296 -0.166667
7, 14 12 15 0.069444 -0.097222
8, 13 8 21 0.097222 -0.125
9, 12 6 25 0.115741 -0.189815
10, 11 6 27 0.125000 -0.125000
Triple 180 1 0.004630 -0.162037
Any triple 30 6 0.027778 -0.138889
Double 10 16 0.074074 -0.185185
Domino 5 30 0.138889 -0.166667
Any number 1,2,3 75,15,1 0.421296 -0.078704


Sic Bo — Macau Rules

Small, Big 1 105 0.486111 -0.027778
Odd, Even 1 105 0.486111 -0.027778
4, 17 50 3 0.013889 -0.291667
5, 16 18 6 0.027778 -0.472222
6, 15 14 10 0.046296 -0.305556
7, 14 12 15 0.069444 -0.097222
8, 13 8 21 0.097222 -0.125000
9, 12 6 25 0.115741 -0.189815
10, 11 6 27 0.125000 -0.125000
Triple 150 1 0.004630 -0.300926
Any triple 24 6 0.027778 -0.305556
Double 8 16 0.074074 -0.333333
xyz 30 6 0.027778 -0.138889
xxy 50 3 0.013889 -0.291667
wxyz 7 24 0.111111 -0.111111
Domino 5 30 0.138889 -0.166667
Any number 1,2,3 75,15,1 0.421296 -0.078704


Sic Bo — Australia Rules

Small, Big 1 105 0.486111 -0.027778
4, 17 62 3 0.013889 -0.125000
5, 16 31 6 0.027778 -0.111111
6, 15 18 10 0.046296 -0.120370
7, 14 12 15 0.069444 -0.097222
8, 13 8 21 0.097222 -0.125000
9, 12 7 25 0.115741 -0.074074
10, 11 6 27 0.125000 -0.125000
Triple 180 1 0.004630 -0.162037
Any triple 31 6 0.027778 -0.111111
Domino (one face) 11 16 0.074074 -0.111111
Domino (two faces) 6 30 0.138889 -0.027778
Any number 1,2,12 75,15,1 0.421296 -0.037037

Playing Online Sic Bo is extremely easy but to turn the odds in your favour, use the below mentioned Sic Bo strategies:

Place Multiple Bets

It is entirely up to you on how many outcomes you intend to wager. You can place bet on as few or as many outcomes you want. Our gaming experts advice you to place multiple bets to increase the probability of your winnings.

To Begin With, Choose Low-Risk Strategy

The easiest bet on the Sic Bo table is the Small Bet and the Big Bet, also known as the low-risk Sic Bo strategy. If you are a beginner then without a second thought start your Sic Bo gambling experience with these bets.

Specific Triple Bet vs Any Triple Bet

Don’t be fascinated with the payout of the Specific Triple Bet. Undoubtedly, it is massive but the risk involved is equally massive! Give your triple bet a little flexibility and go for Any Triple Bet. But, if the bighearted you is up for some risk taking then you can reconsider the Specific Triple Bet, too.

Follow Sic Bo Table Etiquette

Do not throw your chips whilst playing Live Sic Bo. Abide by Sic Bo Table etiquette to ensure a smooth play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sic Bo?

    Sic Bo is a classic Chinese game played with three dice. The literal meaning of the word 'Sic Bo' is 'precious dice'. Along the similar lines of Online Crap, the Online Sic Bo is a sheer luck-based game in which players have to ascertain the come out the roll of dice. Birdcage, Chuck-a-luck and Grand Hazard are some of the variations of Sic Bo.

  • Is there any Online Sic Bo strategy for a sure shot win?

    The game of Sic Bo is absolutely based on fortune. The law of averages are yet applicable whilst gauging the come out of the roll of dice but none of the strategies can change the odds faced.

  • What is a Sic Bo Cage?

    The container in which dice are tumbled prior to being rolled is known as Sic Bo cage.

  • What is the easiest way to place a bet for beginners?

    For a rookie like you, the Sic Bo table may turn out to be a little confusing initially. To begin with, beginners place their initial bets on Small and Big bets. The Small Bet wins if the three dice sum up to anywhere between 4 and 10. The Big Bet wins if the sum ranges between 11 and 17. If a triple appears then the player loses.

  • Can I play Online Sic Bo free?

    Yes, many online casinos let maiden gamblers wager for free. It is indeed a good strategy to let the novice players get a hang of the game before they risk their real money.