How to play online casino for Real Money?

To try your fortune at an Online Casino; all you need to do is signup, acquaint yourself with the dos and don'ts, decide on your pocket and have a huge heart to stake your real money.

Online casino and real money play are branches of same tree; what was once a synonym to Las Vegas is now available to people online through their PCs, laptops, mobiles and tabs. But just because casinos are online now doesn’t mean you are ready for it.

Following are the questions you must ask to to begin your online real money casino betting adventure:

  • What is real money play?
  • What is an online casino?
  • How to find a good online casino?
  • What makes one online casino differ from another?
  • What are the popular types of casino games?
  • Which casino game to play?
  • What is the other type of gaming apart from real money?

Once you know answers to these handful of 'Whats', you are ready to jump right in and win big or just enjoy the game.

What is real money play?

Online casinos allow its users to use real money deposits via handful of options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Deposits or e-wallets like Paypal, Skrill etc, to place bet on games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Slots, Bingo and many more. On winning, user or player gets to withdraw the amount using the withdrawal options as supported by the casino.

What is an online casino?

This is the easy part because online casinos are just online world of casino entertainment where casino brands let you place on bet on all popular games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and more using your debit card, credit cards or other digital payment options and have a gala time playing or wining right from the comfort of your own home.

Best part if online casinos have no time bar or doors hat close, its just you and your convenience; you can play Slots ion morning or night or whenever. And even you lose the bet, you get to win in some way or the other with the cashbacks or free spins or other bonuses that are now making casino gaming a whole new adventure.

Unlike land based casinos, Online casinos also give players or customers benefits like multilingual gaming interface and a support team to assist when things go south.


Here are top 3 reasons to pick an online casino over the traditional one:

  • 1. Bet anytime, anywhere
  • 2. More casino games
  • 3. Multiple payouts

But the problem is like any other organization, casino industry too have variety; one casino would always be different or better than other based on the player or customer looking for a sign-up. This is where we move tot he second crucial question.

What makes one casino different from another?

Lets picture you are a Canadian who is comfortable in french, wants to use credit card and loves only card games. So when you search for an online casino not only will you see a long list of casino gaming sites but you will also see how one casino might have french language option but no credit card in the payment option, while the other might have both but a very negligible card games to offer an then there might be a casino with all of the three options but no registration for players from Canada.

These little differences are factors that separate one casino from another. Selecting any casino at first site is the biggest mistake one can make, the kind that ensures bad experience if the casino is a good one.


Pick a casino that has what you need along with as many additional advantages as possible.

How to find a good online casino?

Today it is rare to find a casino online which doesn’t have most of the things; almost every online casino will have big game collection, multiple payment options, free sign-ups and a support service. Sounds good? But, what you need to know is if the game collection has your game or has any offers with it, if the multiple payment option has the one valid in your country or has any hidden charges, if the support team can be reached via chat or has good response time.

Every casino has few similar areas that need to be researched on before one can decide if its the right place to start wagering money at. These factors to select an online casino are:

Graphics and Visualization

Authenticity & License

Signing up with an online casino that has not been licensed to provide casino gaming services is a major No-No. You cannot trust such casinos to provide you genuine service, secure banking or even offer you withdrawals. Such casinos are worst when there is a conflict or customer support required for monetary deposits and withdrawals in regards to casino gaming. Thus, it is utmost important to pick only a registered or authorized casino site online, especially when the aim is real-money play.


Software technology

The real money casino gaming is nothing but a result of a good software technology that powers a casino site and its interface. Playtech, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, BetSoft and many more such brands are software providers responsible for the casino’s presentation, interface, game collection, mobile gaming apps, real money as well as free play. It is better to pick a casino who software provider is reputed and has more games and free gaming options even if real money is your aim. A casino powered by an all rounder software provider is always a winning move. Make sure you learn a little about the software behind the casino that appeals you or prefer to pick a casino powered by one of the top software brands.


Game collection & interface

A slots fan should prefer a casino with better slots options, a card gamer must pick a casino with more card game variations and similarly a Bingo fan should also choose a casino site that has good Bingo games. Selecting a casino that is more focused on your form of gaming is beneficial to winning, as it also means better payouts for your preferred game. Its like playing Poker in a casino which is more focused in releasing new slots games and slots promotions is a wrong move, but selecting a casino with more Poker variations, live poker games and Poker focused promotions is where you get the chance to make most of your play even on a bad day.

Bonus Rounds

Bonuses & promotions

One Of the major factors that gives advantage to real money casino game-play against the standard land based casino is the rain of promotions. Online casinos are known to offer hellfire of offers, bonuses and promotions for games, using banking methods, signing up, second and third deposits, for loyal players, for new players, for festival celebration to change of seasons. You name it and there’s a new promotions most everyday or week. Some promotions even allow a player to keep half of their bet money upon losing. But each promotion has a wagering or other condition, make sure you select casino that is known to offer good bonus offers like No Deposits, Free Spins, Cashbacks, loyalty bonus, Refer a Friend bonus and decent match bonus on each deposit.


Banking & security

The most crucial factor when it comes to selecting an online casino is the banking section; selecting a casino with variety of usable deposit and withdrawal options is always a good step towards safe online casino gaming. Try and read reviews on the speed, ease, and safety of the deposits and withdrawal options offered by the casino that seems interesting to you. Make sure it has the options open to your region; registering with a casino that doesn’t offer currency of your region or has payment method not acceptable in your country could prove to be waste of your efforts.

Also, get reality check on the time taken and safety of withdrawals. Does the casino takes too long for withdrawals? Are their any withdrawal or deposit charges or fine?

  • - Registration process
  • - Additional advantages

What are the popular types of casino games?

Placing real money bet on a casino is fun only if you are playing at a casino with unlimited gaming options; signing up with a casino that not only has your favorite card or table to slots game but also offers handful of variations to pick from. Blackjack fans will enjoy more at a casino that has everything from Classic Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Spanish 2, Atlantic City Blackjack to Progressive Blackjack. A good Slots casino is a gaming site that has a trend of releasing new variants ever month or two.

Some of the most popular casino games to be found commonly in every good real money casino are largely divided into Card games like Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Table Games like Roulette, Craps and Slots, Bingo and Keno. There are progressive Jackpots for larger game-play too but new player should prefer to first go for betting on the simple games and their variations.


Which casino game to play?

One of the most important steps to make money by betting real money on an online casino is to know what game to bet on. While a pro does not need much guidance here, new players must prefer to start their gaming journey with the game they are most comfortable with. Once you have a casino selected, it is important than you learn about the game you are interested in. Most of the real money casino also offered free play to let you get used to the interface, the buttons, rules and pace of the game before you can start for real.

Love Blackjack then pick the easier variant, want to play Roulette wager on safer bet or have slots on mind then go for 3 reels for first few bets. Playing small and easy is how you learn mistakes to avoid with bigger games, bigger bets and bigger decisions.

What is the difference between Real money play and free play?

Real money play is the basic casino gaming where you, the player, place real money as bet using different deposit methods, where as Free Play is aets are free, no real money id deposits and chips p[laced for betting are mere free chips for playing purposes where player can practice, learn and enjoy but there is no money to deposit or winnings to withdraw.