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Luc Greenwood Scoops £119,600 in the Opening Event of 2019 British Poker Open

Luc Greenwood Scoops £119,600 in the Opening Event of 2019 British Poker Open

The second and final day saw the top 5 players round off the tournament out of which only four would be lucky enough to make the money. At the beginning, it seemed as though Robert Flink, would have the toughest task at hand to make it to the top 4. This is because he came into play with just 17 big blinds whereas Luc Greenwood and Sam Grafton, each had 70 bigs to play with.

All the others (except Robert Flink) were at a lead, until after 90 minutes into the game and Boom! Mike 'Sir Watts' Watson turned out to be less fortunate and had to bow out of the game instead. What's interesting to note is that Mr. Mike Watson was Bad beat by none other than Robert Flink himself. Watson had an Ace- Jack, Flink however had a King-Jack which eventually sent Mike home and enabled Robert Flink to climb up the leaderboard.

The Winning Positions

As earlier mentioned Sam Grafton started off with a bang but fizzled out soon after as he busted out in a Three-way that could easily have been the hand of the day. Grafton had pocket eights whereas, Flink possessed an Ace- King; sounds normal till now but when Steve O’Dwyer made his move to make a ten to treble up, it sent Grafton on his way home.

This left us with Luc Greenwood, Robert Flink and Steve O’Dwyer, but not for long. Soon after, Luc Greenwood's Ace King yet again outdrew Steve O’Dwyer's pocket sevens. Soon after, Greenwood made his move with a King- Queen that actually gave him a Flush. Even though he had 90% of his chips in play, Luk Greenwood rounded off the game to win it by a considerable margin. The Top 4 players and their prizes are given via the tabular representation below :

Position Player Prize
First Position Luc Greenwood £119,600
Second Position Steve O’Dwyer £72,800
Third Position Robert Flink £41,600
Fourth Position Sam Grafton £26,600

A Historic Win

This has only been Luc Greenwood's second live win so far and he couldn't be more happier about it.

Having accumulated the most points, he gets to take home the glass championship trophy, something Greenwood had his eyes on from the very start of the tournament.

Greenwood was quoted as saying - “Starting out being on top of the leaderboard is a motivation to stay longer! I’m definitely playing the £10,000 Short Deck event but I can’t play the Super High Roller Bowl because I need to be back in Toronto.” He also added, “Once we got into the money, I won the two big flips and was telling Steve when I won ‘I can’t actually remember the last time I wanted to win’ especially a live tournament. Obviously the money counts for a lot” .

However, Luc Greenwood did not really get off to a particularly good start. For starters, he had a 7:00 AM flight on the First day of the tournament and was coming directly from Barcelona. So naturally, he was very tired. All he had was a cup of tea and he was good to go! The rest of the players are going to have a tough time trying to overtake this Canadian who has already proved his mettle in this tournament.

All About the British Poker Open 2019

A 11 day Poker tournament, being held at the Aspers Casino New Castle is every Poker enthusiasts dream come true! Featuring a minimum buy-in of £10500, this tournament conducts over 10 events ranging from Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold'em, over a period of 11 days. This tournament sees the Poker pros come together and compete with each other to take home the most coveted prizes. Players can get access to these high profile tournaments via the live streaming facility at PokerGo. What's more, the player to win maximum number of High Roller of the year points will be named the British Poker Open Champion!