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The Release of Abracardabra Slot Came With a Mega Win of €20,000 For a Casumo Casino Player

The Release of Abracardabra Slot Came With a Mega Win of  €20,000 For a Casumo Casino Player

'Its the road less traveled by that has made all the difference', the quote by Robert Frost turned into reality with the magic of Abracadabra slot. Pentti, a Casumo casino player based in Tuusula, Finland decided to try his hands on lucks with an innocent of €2 on this slot game when he saw it appear in the new games list at Casumo casino. This choice that he made bagged him the massive win just within 17 hours and 26 hours the slot was released.

Abracadabra slot by Betdigital gaming was released on 17th May this year. It is based on magic theme, which really did happen on the reels of the game and brought along a massive win worth €20,000 just within hours of being released.

Pentti is a regular player of Casumo casino and said that it was the easy and fast withdrawals at Casumo casino that he loved the most. His win can also be attributed to the long gaming list of the casino that brings for you along with the the latest games. If you too want to try out your luck and check out this online casino, and the thrilling games that it provides click here.

More About The Big Win

Magic just happened on 17th May, 2018 when Pentti, from Tusuula decided to log in to his Casumo casino account and play for a while. He is retired and spends his days at home, so he just decided to try the Abracardabra slot when it showed up under 'New Games' in the game browser. He decided to try the game and placed a bet of €2 which turned out to be his lucky charm and brought him loads of luck with an enormous win of €20,000 in of its kind of a win. Pentti now plans to head off to his summer home to relax and celebrate for the rest of the week.

Abracardabra Slot Game Play

Abracardabra is a poker style slot game by Betdigital gaming which has fruit symbols on its reels. Once the game play starts, you will be dealt with five cards and you get an option to either hold one more cards or click on 'DRAW' to remove the cards that are not held. You win when 3,4, or 5 of the same card are displayed.

The game also has bonus cards and when you get 3, 4 or 5 bonus cards your winnings are multiplied by 1, 2 or 10 respectively. Once the wins are paid out, the table is cleared and fresh 17 cards are dealt, which fills the top 5 positions and the 12 positions below it which are comparatively smaller.

True to its name, magic happens on the reels when a magic hat appears on reels, it brings new cards that replace the old cards to form a winning combination.

The 5 reels look like magical cards, and background resembles a magic show stage with symbols of fruits, some alphabets and the bar symbols on the reels. All the symbols and the winnings, that their combination generate been given right on the bottom of the game; which makes the game play simpler and brings those big wins more easily.

Software Provider of Abracardabra Slot - Betdigital

Everything about this new win seems to have refreshing vibes and the same goes with the developer of Abrcardabra, the game that brought along this massive win. This game is developed by Betdigital which is comparatively new to the gaming industry. The company has quickly expanded within a short of period of time and has been working in collaboration with NYX games since May, 2016.

It is based in its UK and laid down its foundation in 2011 with an aim to provide content and systems for both UK and International gaming market.

This software brand provides games that can be played across a number of gaming platforms and devices. The superior quality of the games that it provides is also attributed to the fact that it uses its own, proprietary technologies in the form of SystemX and GRI.

You can go ahead and try more slots by Betdigital gaming to bear a testimony to the unparalleled gaming experience that this software provides.