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Oops! It seems CasinoFair has been closed; get a look at similar casino options.

CasinoFair Review 1/5

Get to know why CasinoFair games are worth playing and how it guarantees fairness in every step of the game.

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Why Play Here?

  • Licensed Casino
  • Easy sign-up, no downloads
  • Instant payments in full
  • Instant games
Website https://casinofair.com
Licensed By The Government of Curacao
Operated By TTM BV
Welcome Bonus 1000 Free Fun & 50% Cahback

CasinoFair is a registered online casino platform that is famous for its cutting edge technological advancement and use of Blockchain to ensure fairness to the users. It is an exciting, innovative FunFair technology. And with the use of FairChecker tick (by Blockchain), every part and plays of the game are guaranteed to be completely random. Available to the users are varieties of games; they include slots, casino, and instant games. You can create a collection of your favourite casino games on the site. All the features are available on the mobile version of the site and the mobile app.

CasinoFair is operated with the latest technology, and the platform puts total control in the hands of the player. No initial deposit needed, and you get instant payment. CasinoFair makes use of coin exchange from cryptocurrency to FUN tokens as units of transactions. The cryptocurrency wallet adopted as the mode of funds during sessions also ensures that your money is in your hands, and you never deposit to the house. And this contributes to the control you have over the gameplay. CasinoFair also offers varieties of services which includes promotions, referral and lots more.

CasinoFair ensures your privacy and keeps its regulation in line with the directives of the GDPR (Gambling regulation and the General Data Protection Regulation). Part of the GDPR directives is that you are informed if and when your personal data is to be processed for third party use. And you can decide to either allow or reject such use. You also have the option of deleting your personal data, which would be removed after seven years of membership termination. For more information, you can check the privacy policy on CasinoFair website.

CasinoFair is owned and operated by TTM BV; a company registered in Curacao under company no. 147248. TTM BV is authorized and licensed to operate online gaming services, by Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V.

CasinoFair Payment Methods

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Tron
  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • EOS
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • Tron
  • Litecoin
  • EOS






Restricted Countries

United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark,United States of America and its territories, France and its overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia), Netherlands, Dutch West Indies and Curacao.

Mobile Casino

With the use of mobile web-app, CasinoFair offers the flexibility of usage, which at the same time is fast. This is a product of FunFair innovative technology, with the aid of Blockchain-based software. The mobile casino version contains the same exciting games that are available to you on the desktop version.

FunFair technology takes the security of your data and entries very seriously. And in a bid to reduce third party influence, the use of software or mobile download formats such as .apk files for android users and other software users have been side-lined. FunFair web-app uses HTML5 codes, so all a user needs to do is have the latest version of any of the different web browsers. The web-app is designed to keep all your fun games within reach. And on your first launch, you get to set your preferred view of the app.

Live Casino

The thrill, the rush, the adrenaline and the energy that rushes through one’s body when you play live casino is another way to enjoy the fun that comes with gaming. And CasinoFair is known for its unrivalled fun, which is why it presents a few live casino games like BlackJack Live and Baccarat Live. Though the fact that CasinoFair does not make use of the popular game providers means there is a lack of numerous varieties when looking to play live.

CasinoFair Software

Being the first to make use of the cutting-edge technological innovations by Ethereum Blockchain, CasinoFair offers you the best and latest range of games. Casinofair.Com is run by Ethereum-blockchain and uses FunFair Technologies’ proprietary platform, allowing you to enjoy many of the popular games you’ve come to know and love through HD game graphics. Though CasinoFair doesn’t make use of the commonly known game providers, it still offers you a variety of game modes and storylines. New games are introduced now and then to keep with the advancement of the world. Every game has its pattern and play-type to suit different users. They are built-in modes that make it easy to understand.

CasinoFair website is designed to give optimum pleasure using the latest graphic arts, audio input and output. CasinoFair also offers the option of playing the Demo version of each game to get yourself familiar with the play. The site also gives the option of adding your games to the Favourite Games section to make it easy to access.

Live Casino



Live Chat

CasinoFair Games

The use of Blockchain latest technology and its cutting-edge advancement gives the user the thrill and fun of new games. They provide Guaranteed Fair games. This is a good thing because most gamers are getting bored of playing the same old games, time and time again. Though CasinoFair is limited in many games available, their games have been built and design to give you fun all the way. FunFair innovations ensure that you have the latest and the best games.

CasinoFair Cards and Table Games

This section has a wide range of casino games for your thrill and pleasure. Play and enjoy the famous Blackjack. The European roulette is also available under this section. The casino games also include new technologically advanced games like Three Card Pokers, Let it Ride Poker, the Caribbean stud, Pirate dice blackest, and Video poker. CasinoFair also offers a VIP mode of your popular games like Blackjack and Baccarat.

CasinoFair Slot Games

Slot games are available in different forms. They have several games that are low stakes games. Enjoy a thrilling world of adventure when you play The Fate of Thrones (low stake version), or you could add to your cryptocurrency wallet by playing Treasure from a Crypto. Are you a pirate lover? You will find that Bounty on the High Sea is a game just for you. Other interesting slot games include Shermrock Riches, Five Fruits, and Cyber hunter. The low stakes games provided in the slot section guarantees fairness and fun with minimal wages.

CasinoFair Instant Games

Also available at CasinoFair, are varieties of newly introduced instant games for instant payment. There are arrays of new games like Banana Blast, Wheel of Fire, Great Cheese and Raceday Horses. Enjoy playing Electrobet and Fun dice as part of the new technological innovations of Blockchain and FunFair.

Choose your favourite CasinoFair Games

CasinoFair Bonuses and Promotions

CasinoFair Welcome Bonus

CasinoFair Welcome Bonus

As a new gamer, when you sign up with CasinoFair, you can open your FunFair wallet for free without any initial deposit. In addition to that, you get up to 1000 FUN tokens for free; this token is added to your wallet once you purchase your first token.

CasinoFair 50% Cashback Bonus

CasinoFair 50% Cashback Bonus

When a new player plays the different range of fair games available within the first seven days, he has the chance to have 50% of his or her losses paid back. This bonus is only viable for losses exceeding $2000. There are other conditions for eligibility. A gamer must begin each session of the game with at least 5000 FUN within the first seven days of sign up. Play a variety of games like banana blast, the three card poker, European roulette, and fun-packed five fruits. Losses will be calculated and bonused back to your FunFair wallet in FUN seven days after sign-up, so you can continue to enjoy our games after the promotional period.

CasinoFair Moon Racer Bonus

CasinoFair Moon Racer Bonus

CasinoFair presents a racer game that is always aavailable for two weeks. This exciting game is called the Moon Racer. Racers have the opportunity to enjoy numerous gifts and bonuses from this race. The level of the game increases with each release. When racers enlist before the game date and make a wager of 5,000 during, they receive three bonus tickets during the competition. If a racer should wager up to 100, 000 FUN, they receive five tickets during the competition. And to add to the fairness that is an underlying attribute of CasinoFair, racers who won the progressive pot from the previous bonus race or those that were top 3 of the leaderboard are not eligible for this promotion bonus.

CasinoFair Purchase Fee Returns

CasinoFair Purchase Fee Returns

CasinoFair just launched a new partnership Moonpay. To celebrate the different platforms have been updated. Now you have the chance to enjoy these exciting updates using the maximum amount of FUN. How do you benefit from this? Your purchase and convert a minimum of 10,000 FUN using the purchase front of either Changelly or Moonpay. Be sure to wager your deposit amount five times the value when playing the wide range of new games available. Once this is done, your purchase fee is returned to you as FUN tokens. Is it all the fee? Yes, a 100% return of your purchase fee paid back directly to your wallet. Amazing.

The following conditions are to be met if a gamer wish to be eligible for promotions. When any extensive AML checks are required, a user must pass any of these checks. The user must also have a CasinoFair account. Also, any closure or suspension due to suspected illegal activities during the promotional period would mean automatic ineligibility for bonus offers. Users can only receive their fee back once a week, or four times throughout the promotional period and are made every Friday of the working week. 1 million FUN is the maximum amount that can be paid to one user through the time of the promotion

A maximum of 1 million FUN can be paid to one user throughout the promotion to cover transaction fees.

Casino Fair Referral Bonus

Casino Fair Referral Bonus

At CasinoFair, you can enjoy bonuses and free FUN when you refer a new player to the platform. Once a create a referral link, you can share them with your friends. Every time a new player signs in creates an account and purchase the FUN token using your referral link, you get 1000 FUN and bonuses based on commission. The new user is also eligible for the numerous bonuses available to new gamers. FUN tokens are paid directly into the user's account.

Your referral links cannot be used by someone in a country or region where CasinoFair is restricted. You must have seen the list of restricted countries in our ‘Restricted countries’ section. Invite others, and together you can enjoy the various Guaranteed Fair casino games available.

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