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The Lottery Office Review 4.6/5

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Why Play Here?

  • Regulated by the Australian Government
  • World's biggest lottery jackpots
  • Real tickets for overseas lotteries
  • No hidden insurance policies to cover prizes

The Lottery Office has been operating since 2014 under its parent company, Global Players Network Pty. Ltd. This lottery ticket purchasing platform is 100% owned by Australian operators and thoroughly supports the local communities using The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Funds. These charity funds mean that a significant percentage of the revenue thus generated is put back into the local organizations and communities.

With its parent company having spent more than 16 long years and continuing in this business, The Lottery Office is a smarter choice where there takes place the purchase of real lottery tickets. Also, this brand of online lottery system holds a Mail Order Lotteries License and an Internet Gaming License, again issued by the Northern Territory Australian Government. Players can come over here and place their ticket orders available for numerous types of lotteries and then wait for their draw outcomes revealing jackpots.

Spanish La Primitiva Lottery Office Offer

Play at a Safe & Secure Platform

The Lottery Office is a reliable lottery programme which is fully licensed and works under the strict security regulations issued by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. The different types of lotteries available here are all approved and are conducted or drawn in the Northern Territory only under the trusted supervision of Licensing NT. All the processes and financials at The Lottery Office are audited every year by the Regulators. Player's personal details are also kept protected using the 256 bit SSL encryption technology which ensures safe transmission of all the private details at this lottery website. Also, The Lottery Office attempts to verify the customer details within 14 days after a player registers here to work as per the proper guidelines issued under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act 2006.

The Lottery Office Payment Methods

  • VISA
  • Bpay
  • Mastercard
  • POLi Pay
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount: AU$10
  • Bank Transfer Processing Time: 2 - 3 Business Days


Australian Dollars (AUD)



Restricted Countries

Accepts players from Australia and New Zealand only.

Mobile Lottery

The Lottery Office has also extended its reach to the mobile phone devices and all the lottery lovers can now pick up their pocket-sized devices to purchase their entries from anywhere. A Responsive Web Design which runs smoothly over Android, iPad, and tablets is readily available. Players also have the option of downloading the official app for Android phones and all Apple devices. A download app link is present at The Lottery Office website with high-level security technological features used both on the website and the Android mobile app. To login via this app, players can use the Biometric authentication (fingerprint/Face ID) functionality, or else they can enable the lock screen security (for older Android versions) and touch ID passcode (for older iOS versions).

EuroMillion Super Draw

The Lottery Office Games

Players visiting The Lottery Office to kick start playing and purchasing the various types of lotteries present at this platform should be well aware of these different types. We have mentioned below all the necessary details on the different lotteries that The Lottery Office offers. Let us have a look!

USA Power Lotto

USA Power Lotto have matching tickets purchased in US Powerball and its draws take place every Thursday and Sunday in Darwin at these timings: 12:59pm AEST, 12:29pm ACST, 10:59am AWST, 13:59pm AEDT. US Powerball has got two drums where one has 69 balls drawing 5 balls and another one has 26 balls which can draw one Powerball. This type where players can draw 5 numbers from the first drum, 1 number matching the Powerball from another drum has the record jackpot prize worth US $1.5 billion.

USA Mega Lotto

Here players can purchase tickets in the USA Mega Lotto and matching tickets are then bought in the US Mega Millions, which has two drums, one that has 70 balls and another that has 25 balls from which a Mega Ball can be drawn. Draws take place in Darwin on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 13:00pm AEST, 12:30pm ACST, 11:00am AWST, 14:00pm AEDT, where players get to select 5 numbers to match those in the first drum. The Mega Ball drawn from the second drum has to be matched with 1 number. This type holds the record of hitting the lottery jackpot worth US $1.6 billion.

European Millions

EuroMillions is the overseas lottery-type where matching tickets are purchased when European Millions tickets are bought. Again it has two drums where the first one has balls numbered from 1 to 50 and another one has got 12 balls and 2 Lucky Stars can be drawn from it. Draws take place in Darwin every Wednesday & Saturday at 5:45am AEST, 5:15am ACST, 3:45am AWST, 6:45am AEDT. €200 million is the lottery jackpot record set by this type and Superdraws also take place with €130 million of jackpot prize guaranteed.

UK Lotto

UK Lotto has matching tickets purchased in the UK National Lottery which is drawn from 59 balls and players got to choose 6 numbers. In total, 7 balls are drawn with 6 main numbers and one supplementary number which is used to determine Division 2 prizes. UK Lotto draws are drawn in Darwin at Thursday and Sunday 6:30am AEST, 6:00am ACST, 4:30am AWST, 7:30 AEDT and the numbers are matched with the overseas draw using the lottery system. £66.1 million is the jackpot record set up by this lottery.

Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto numbers are drawn in Darwin with matching tickets in 'Lotto' Irish National Lottery where balls are numbered from 1 to 47. Players get to choose 6 numbers and 7 balls are drawn, 6 out of these will be main numbers and one is a Bonus number. The highest lottery jackpot record hit by this type of lottery is €18.9 million. Draws take place in Darwin on Thursday & Sunday at 6:00am AEST, 5:30am ACST, 4:00am AWST, 7:00 AEDT where the winning numbers are drawn using the lottery system by matching numbers with the overseas lottery draw.

Italian Super Jackpot

In this type of lottery, matching tickets are purchased using Italy's National SuperEnalotto where 6 balls from 90 are drawn in Darwin every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5:30am AEST, 5:00am ACST, 3:30am AWST, 6:30am AEDT. The winning numbers will be declared using the lottery system matching overseas lottery draw where the players got to choose 6 numbers. 7 balls are drawn in this type and there will be 6 main numbers and one Jolly number (a number used to determine prizes in Division 2). The highest jackpot recorded in this particular type is €209 million.

European Jackpot

For this type of lottery, matching tickets are purchased in Germany's most popular, Eurojackpot. Balls are numbered from 1 to 50 in Eurojackpot and there are 2 bonus numbers from 1 to 10. The draws take place in Darwin on Saturdays at 4:00am AEST, 3:30am ACST, 2:00am AWST, 5:00 AEDT. The winning numbers will be drawn by the lottery system followed by matching it with the overseas lottery draw. The lottery jackpot prize will get capped at €90 million and this maximum cap will stay until it is won. If this cap is not won, then the excess prize amount will be transferred to the winner placed in the next highest division.

La Primitiva

In this lottery, matching tickets are purchased using Spain’s La Primitiva where 6 balls from 49 and 1 ball from 0 to 9 are drawn each Friday and Sunday AEST. The winning numbers are taken from the matching numbers in the overseas lottery draw. The second pool of numbers is to draw the ‘Reintegro’ number, which is used to determine the main prize. Players also win a prize just by matching the Reintegro number on its own. €101 million is the record prize for this lottery. Players can also play a secondary draw called The Joker, which has a main prize of €1 million.

How to Play at The Lottery Office?

The Lottery Office is a unique lottery ticket purchasing platform where players can buy a lottery game ticket and simultaneously, the matching ticket will be purchased by The Lottery Office in the overseas lottery market. This is how huge jackpots can be struck and players can win a whopping payout prize. Read on to discuss in detail the entire process from purchasing a lottery ticket and winning at it:

What are the Steps to Purchase a Game at The Lottery Office?

  • Choose a lottery of your choice to play.
  • Use the 'Quick Play' option in order to generate a selected number of games or you can also choose the numbers individually if it is allowed in case of that lottery type.
  • If the 'Quick Play' button is chosen, it will get added immediately to the cart.
  • On the other hand, the Multiplier option may be chosen for selecting numbers for lotteries like USA Power Lotto or USA Mega Lotto.
  • If you are choosing numbers on your own, then you need to enter how many draws do you wish to play in.
  • Add it to the cart and review your order after selecting a deposit method by clicking on 'Pay securely'. An email confirmation will be received by you when your order is confirmed.

How to Select Numbers at The Lottery Office?


Players landing at The Lottery Office will have the following two options of choosing numbers:

  • Quick Play: This is a recommended option to pick numbers because whenever a player selects this method, a precise amount of numbers will get selected for the number of games mentioned. All this is done randomly using the 'Quick Play' button which generates the selected set of numbers and adds it to the cart for one specific draw only.
  • Pick your own numbers: Players also get to choose their own numbers if the lottery-type they are playing permits that. Players got to select their numbers by clicking on the play slip and it'll get highlighted. Once the selection procedure is done, hit the 'Select' button. Players will also get the option of choosing multiple draws if they are selecting their own numbers. These multi-draws can also be renewed by the players by making a purchase using this method only.

How can I Collect my Winnings & Find Results at The Lottery Office?

  • Players at The Lottery Office can collect their jackpot prize winnings or the first division winnings above $10,000 for which they will be contacted over the phone within 2 working days after they have won the said prize.
  • Further identification proofs will be required to document the whole thing and payout a large winning amount to the players. A big win is not added directly to the player's account funds but these will be recorded on the applicable entry under the 'Draws' tab.
  • However, all the winnings below $10,000 will get transferred automatically to the player's account and the players will be intimated via email. Only those players who have verified their accounts will be able to withdraw their winnings.
  • Players can also search and find their lottery results by visiting The Lottery Office website and then heading over to the 'Lottery Results Page'. Under the 'My Draws' section, players can find the results of the draw that they participated in.
  • Lottery results will be updated on The Lottery Office website with their current status like after the draw has taken place, these will show as 'Pending'. After the winning numbers and divisional prize details are all confirmed, the status will change to 'Verified'. This whole process can take up to 2 to 3 hours after the draw has occurred.
  • Players can also reinvest their winnings to play one more time if any withdrawals are not requested and the winning amount in the player's account is still acting as credit.

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