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Cash of Kingdoms Slot Review

Spin the reels of this Microgaming Slot to rescue the cash in the medieval era & make it all yours!

Game Information

Slot TypeVideo Slots
Min Coins Size0.15
Max Coins Size435
Released Date10 Oct 2018

Overview of Cash of Kingdoms Slot

Cash of Kingdoms is a 5 reel - 3 row online video slot by Microgaming based on the theme of adventure and mystery. This game unveils the medieval era and you get to rescue the cash that the dacoits plan to rob. You will also get a chance to meet some interesting characters on the reels of the game that are straight out of the medieval era like knights, thief, dacoits, barrels and arms. Fight with the thieves and help the knights retrieve the cash of the kingdoms by spinning the reels of the game and who knows you might win a share for yourself as well! The game also presents the all - new invading wilds feature and has the credit of being the first game produced by Slingshot studios for Microgaming. Further, the reels of this slot game with 15 paylines have been enclosed in a frame made up of small rocks beautifully representing the ancient time that it represents. The name of the game 'Cash of Kingdoms' is written on the top of this frame which separates the reels of the game from the amazing background with the glimpses of the kingdom with a blue hue and adds to the appeal of the game.

Features of Cash of Kingdoms Slot


Graphics, Sound Effects and Looks

This slot by Microgaming is loaded with high-quality audio and graphics effects, just like all their games. There is an amazing background with a blurred glimpse of mountains and buildings. It has an appealing blue hue which gives a vibrant feel to the gameplay. The symbols used in the games consists of practically everything that you will come across if you were to save a treasure in the medieval period and includes dacoits, armors, swords, bow and arrow, a secret red book and the treasure chest. Which means, you can be assured that you are going to be thrilled as you take up this adventure. The symbols used in the game have been intricately chosen according to the theme of the game and do wonders. The colors used for the symbols are completely in sync with it as well and glide flawlessly on the transparent reels of the game which seem to be enclosed within a concrete frame. The music used is another element that adds fun to the gameplay and makes sure you enjoy as you spin the reels of the game.

Trigger 15 Free Spins And A 3x Multiplier

Game Play and Configurations

The Cash of Kingdoms is a fun slot with a user-friendly interface. However, you must be familiar with some of the options that you might need to adjust the features according to your preferences as the gameplay unfolds. To make it easier for you, these have been discussed below. You will find following buttons on the screen once you launch the game -

Menu – This button is represented by three lines enclosed in a circle placed on the left side of the reels. Once you click on this option you will see two options viz paytable and settings. On clicking on payable you will be able to check out the payout of various symbol combinations whereas the settings option will let you adjust the sound and the speed of the reels.

Bet – Below the menu button, you will see a circle which looks like the circumference of a wheel. By clicking on it you can adjust the amount that you want to bet. It will give you an option to choose the coin size (min 0.01 to 1.00 max) and the number of coins per line (min 1 to 32 max) that you want to stake. The best part about this option is that it also allows you to choose the amount directly from the Quick Bet section and saves the time that you can invest to enjoy the gameplay!However, the minimum bet permitted is 0.15 while the maximum is 480

Speed – There are three symbols on the right-hand side of the reels. The first symbol which is represented by the two arrows pointing in the same direction can be used to play the game at a higher speed.

Spin - The biggest of all the three symbols on the right side of the reels is the one which looks like a circle. This is the spin button. Click on it to spin the reels of the game.

Autospin – The last symbol to the right of the reels is a semicircle which is the auto spin option. You can use this option if you want to enjoy the game without using the spin button again and again. Players can choose to spin the reels automatically any number of times from 10 to 100.


Symbols and Their Significance

High paying symbols - The high paying symbols consist of all the brave beings who can be seen fighting on the reels of the game to rescue the cash. These include the man with fire in his hands who can be seen in the foreground of golden color, the lady archer dressed in green against a background of yellow color, the knight with a red robe dress with a red background. They are two dacoits as well; one with an explosive barrel in green background and the lady thief who is running away with the treasure in a purple dress with blue background. All these high paying symbols have been separated from other symbols by enclosing them in prominent boundaries which are not present in other symbols.

Low paying Symbols – The inanimate things that are going to help you win are the low paying symbols used in the game. These include sword and shields, the red book, bow and arrow and the treasure bag.

Wilds - The wilds symbol used in the game is the symbol with Cash of Kingdoms inscribed on it. This symbol has a white background and the words 'Cash of kingdoms' is written on it in varied golden, yellow and red colors against a wooden shield.

Scatter Symbol - The treasure chest is the scatter symbol in the game and appears only on 2, 3 and 4 reel. If 3 scatter symbols land on the reels of the game, it will trigger a Free Spin and also get you 2 times the staked amount.

Cash of Kingdoms Bonuses and Free Spins


The Cash of Kingdoms symbol serves as the wild symbol for this game. It appears on reel 2, 3 and 4 substituting for all the symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol and thus bringing massive wins for you. Further, there are two types of wilds which include -

  • Stacked Wilds – In the base game, the wilds on reel 2 and 4 are stacked while they are super stacked in the Free Spins.
  • Invading Wilds – This is a unique feature of this slot game where the stacked wild symbols will invade the reels next to them and turn them wild. Stacked Wilds on reel 2 and 4 will make the 3 reel wild in the base game. The invading wilds in Free Spins will also get you double the wins!

Free Spins

Free Spins are triggered when three scatter symbols land on the reels of your game. Each scatter symbol gets you one additional spin during the Free Spins.

Cash of Kingdoms Software Provider

Cash of Kingdoms has the honor of being the first online slot game released together by the two big brands in the online gaming industry viz Microgaming and Slingshot studios. While Slingshot studios are comparatively new to the gaming world and stepped into it in 2016, Microgaming is one of the oldest names in the online gaming industry. Thus, this 5 reel - 3 row slot game is set to provide an unparalleled gaming experience for all the players. It is also loaded with a number of features that are going to help you win like stacked wilds, Free Spins, multipliers and a lot more! The slot represents the medieval era and includes interesting symbols that add more fun to the game play.

Cash of Kingdoms Slot Conclusion

Cash of Kingdoms SlotCash of Kingdoms is the first game that Slingshot studios has created for Microgaming. It is a 5 reel 3-row slot game based on medieval era, adventure and mystery. The game includes symbols like knights, dacoits, barrels and arms that are going to invoke the picture of this escapade while you retrieve the treasure. This slot game has a low volatility and an RTP of 96.28%. It also brings exciting features like stacked wilds, Free Spins and the all-new invading wilds feature that are going to make sure your win your share once you start spinning the reels of this thrilling slots game.

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