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Joker Strike Slot Review

Play for free the newly added Online Video Slot, Joker Strike powered by Quickspin

Game Information

Slot TypeVideo Slots
Min Coins Size0.10
Max Coins Size100
Released Date10.04.2018

Overview of Joker Strike Slot

Quickspin is back with a bang yet again with an amazing online Video Slot called Joker Strike, released on 10th of April, 2018. It is a 5 reels and 3 rows slot with 10 Paylines. And, for the very first time Quickspin has added the Hi – Roller feature which promises higher payouts on higher bets placed. The other important and highlighting feature of this Video Slot is the Joker Strike feature which also yields higher and mega winnings.

The slot, on the whole, is quite beautifully and comically designed by Quickspin going in sync with the name of the slot game. The sound of spinning reels will enhance the entire experience of playing a Video Slot. You can also know the tits and bits of this online Video Slot game by playing it for free. 

Features of Joker Strike Slot


Graphics, Sound effects and Looks

The designing and graphics of the Joker Strike Slot goes with the name of the slot itself. Even the sound effects are completely in sync with the theme of this slot game with the several symbols, few of them displaying funny gestures. You will sure enjoy all the things that this lovely slot has to offer. From the Settings button present on the screen you can adjust the given settings.

Trigger 15 Free Spins And A 3x Multiplier

Game play and Configurations

  • Bet:- The 'Total Bet' section on the slot screen will display the number of bets. From this button, you can select the total bet you want to place.
  • Hi Roller Button/Feature:- The Hi Roller mode is an entirely new feature added by Quickspin. Playing with the Hi Roller mode, you can win big by placing higher bets. This feature is present in the form of a button on the slot screen itself.
  • Autoplay:- The Autoplay button is present on the slot screen in the form of rotating arrows. The total number of automatic game rounds that you'll get will be from 10 to 1000. You can also stop Autoplay by clicking on the Stop button. With the Advanced Autoplay Settings, players can customize settings by changing the total number of plays, loss limit and single win limit.
  • Coin Value:- Using the upward and downward arrow signs, you can change the denomination of the coin. Minimum Coin Value is £0.10 and Maximum Coin Value £100.00.
  • Spin button:- Press the Spin button which is represented by the Refresh arrow symbol. The reels will start spinning thereafter. You can also quick stop the reels by clicking on the fast play button.
  • Fast Play Button:- This button is presented by the “>>” sign. Clicking this button will immediately stop the spinning reels.
  • Win Field/Section:- The total winnings will be presented in the Win field bar on the slot screen.

Symbols and their significance

  • Wild Symbol: Wild symbol will serve as a substitute for all the other symbols. The Wild symbol will appear in the outer wheel when the Hi Roller mode is activated with the Wild Strike feature.
  • Hi Roller Feature: By activating the Hi Roller mode, you can play with 3 different modes. Place a bet of £20 and get 5 Spins + Guaranteed Wild symbol. The extra Wild symbols will move around the reels in a clockwise direction. On placing a bet of £30, you will get 5 spins, Guaranteed Wilds and Wild Strike feature on the outer wheel. Place a bet of £50 and get 5 Spins + Wild Strike(this will add Wild Symbol on the outer wheel) + Double Chance(will add an extra marker on to the outer wheel hence doubling the chance of getting the Joker Strike feature).
  • Joker Strike Feature: The Joker Strike feature will get triggered with any winning combination and it will also activate the outer wheel. The outer wheel will make the winning symbols lit. Whenever the wheel marker stops on a lit(winning) symbol, the player will get the Joker Strike feature and more symbols across the reels.
  • Standard Reel Symbols: There are 8 Standard Symbols. Among them the the Joker's face symbol is the High Value Symbol. The Low Value Symbols include Yellow Star, Lucky Seven, Silver Bell, Red Heart, Purple Tree, Green Tree and Blue Diamond. The payouts will vary for each of these symbols according to the game mode you are playing in – Normal or Hi Roller mode.
  • On getting 3 of a kind symbol across the 10 paylines, you will get 6 extra symbols. Four of a kind symbol will fetch you 8 extra symbols. Five of a kind symbol will fetch you 10 extra symbols.

Joker Strike Slot Software Provider

Joker Strike is a Video Slot game launched by the ultimate software provider, Quickspin which has provided exciting technological features plus games to casinos as well. This time they have come with an all new distinctive Video Slot game called Joker Strike. That's not all, Quickspin has for the first time added the amazing Hi – Roller game feature into this newly released Video Slot. This feature will offer you higher winnings on placing higher bets. Also, there are other features as well like the Joker Strike, which guarantees high and super wins. You can also customize the Configuration and game play settings according to your choice.

Bonus on Joker Strike Slot

Joker Strike Feature will add to mega winnings. Any symbol win will start the Joker Strike feature adding up to 10 more symbols on the reels, because of the outer wheel. On the outer wheel, hit on a symbol for Joker Strike win.

Hi Roller Feature can be activated by clicking on the button present with the same name. The payout rate will be high while playing with this mode on. What you get depends on the bet size you will place. Follow the points to know more about this feature.

  • Bet of £20 – Get 5 Spins, Wild Symbol.

  • Bet of £30 – Get 5 Spins, Guaranteed Wild Symbol, Wild Strike Feature on outer wheel.

  • Bet of £50 – Get 5 Spins, Wild Strike with Wild Symbol on outer wheel, Double Chance which will double the chance of getting the Joker Strike feature.

Joker Strike Slot Game Payout Rate

The payout rate for the Normal game will depend upon the current bet settings. However, it will remain same in the case of Hi – Roller Game mode.

The given Normal Game table showcases the payout rate for the minimum bet of £0.10. 

Normal Game
Symbols 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Wild 1x 3x -
Joker's Face 1x 3x 10x
Lucky Seven 0.40x 0.20x 2x
Yellow Star 0.30x 0.60x 1.50x
Silver Bell 0.20x 0.40x 1x
Red Heart 0.12x 0.20x 0.40x
Purple Tree 0.10x 0.15x 0.30x
Green Tree 0.10x 0.15x 0.30x
Blue Diamond 0.08x 0.12x 0.24x

The Payout rates for the Hi - Roller game mode are described in the below given table. It will remain same for all the bet sizes.

Hi Roller Game
Symbols 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Wild 20x 60x 200x
Joker's Face 20x 60x 200x
Lucky Seven 8x 16x 40x
Yellow Star 6x 12x 30x
Silver Bell 4x 8x 20x
Red Heart 2x 4x 8x
Purple Tree 2x 3x 6x
Green Tree 2x 3x 6x
Blue Diamond 1.60x 2.40x 4.80x

Summary of Joker Strike Slot

Joker StrikeSummarizing this funny and comical Video Slot from Quickspin, we can say that it is quite a worthy slot where you can go on spinning the reels, adjust the Autoplay settings according to your choice and win big by getting different symbols across the 5 reels. Also, getting 3 of kind symbol, 4 of a kind symbol and 5 of a kind symbol will fetch you some extra symbols across the 10 Paylines. The Hi – Roller game mode, added by Quickspin for the first time into their video slots, assures higher payout rates. Therefore, trying on this new and exciting Video Slot won't be a waste of your valuable time and money.

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