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Jumbo joker Slot Review

A new October 2017 BetSoft Release with two sets of reels!

Game Information

Slot TypeClassic slots
Min Coins Size0.02
Max Coins Size1
Released Date26.10.2017

Overview of Jumbo joker Slot

Jumbo Joker is a classic 3-reel Slot powered by BetSoft. With an unprecedented 2 sets of 3-reel options to play, this Slot machine is indeed one of the most interesting classic Slots online. This is actually a brand-new Slot brought out as a classic fruity due to popular demand. If you visit the BetSoft site, this is currently one of their featured games being showcased on their slider – meaning there is a lot of hype and attention surrounding the games new release.

Reels and Lines

There are dual set of 3 reels, and each reel comes with 5 pay-lines to ponder over.

The reels are in the centre of screen, and either side are the symbol combinations and their winning values. If you bet 1, then you will be using the pay-out depicted on the left-hand side of the reels. These are the smaller wins.

If you bet 10, then your pay-outs for landing symbols will be the list on the right-hand side. With your bet being higher naturally the pay-outs on the right-hand side are much more handsome.

Min/Max Bets

You can choose your coin value by firstly choosing your coin size. Coin values are set as £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.25, £0.50, and £1.00 per coin.

Next you elect your bet amount, which only has 2 options now. That is 1 or 10 – so your total bet amount will be the coin value multiplied by 1 or 10. If you choose 1, then you only bet 1 line on the bottom set of reels. If you choose 10, then you bet all 5 lines on the bottom reel with 2 coins per reel placed.

That means the minimum bet is £0.02 per spin, and the maximum bet is £1.00 per coin betting 10, so £10.00 per spin.

Features of Jumbo Joker Slot


Graphics, Sound effects and Looks

As this is a classic slot, the theme itself is quite basic and one we all know well. Fruit symbols such as melons, cherries, lemons, 7s, jokers, oranges, purple grapes, bells and jokers are spread all over the reels. However, that is what makes this slot so enticing; especially to the UK market that loves its fruity style games.

In the background you will hear the usual buzzing sounds that you hear when you are a live brick and mortar casino. Chatter, chips in the tables, as well as other slots pinging away in the background.

You will begin by spinning only the bottom 3 reels until you hit 3 jokers. Once you hit 3 jokers you have 2 choices.

  • Collect the amount the 3 jokers are worth on the bottom reels
  • Opt to spin on the top reels where the wins are much bigger

If you choose option 2, the amount you won on the bottom reels will be added to the Jumbo Meter box at the top of the slot’s display.

The big money is on the top reels

This is where the big wins are, and you will be amazed how many times you will hit combinations here.

Before you start spinning on the top reels

You will have the option to change you bet amount. If you reduce the bet amount, you will get more spins on the top reels.

Spinning on the top reels:

The more you hot combinations the higher the wins. Every time you win, your win will be added to the jumbo meter. This amount can be ‘Collected’ at any time you choose.

Max 15 Spins

Another box you will notice below the Jumbo Meter is the ‘Spins Box’. This is the number of times you have spun on the top reels – you can only spin to a maximum 15 times.


Finally, if you can hit the joker or land enough successive wins, you will hit a big win! Read more in the bonus round section.

Free Spins

There are no free spins.


There are no wilds on Jumbo Joker.


There are no scatter or multiplier on Jumbo Joker.

Bonus Rounds

This is the best part of the game, and believe it or not, despite there being only 5 pay-lines it is easy to trigger.

Line up the Jackpot Joker symbol on the bottom reels, and this will not only pay you a healthy combination bet, you also get to jump onto the top set of reels, where there is a ‘Jumbo Meter’.

If you can keep on winning on the top reels, you will hit a big win, and this is where the big money is. If you hit 3 jokers on a pay-line you will win the massive 2,000-coin jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot, but you can win up to 32,000 coins if you hit the combination symbol jackpot on Jumbo Joker.

Mobile Play

This slot is available for mobile play just because BetSoft have been taking an aggressive approach to not only releasing all their new slots to be available on mobile, but the company is also recoding some of their older and still very popular slots, so they can be made available for mobile players on the move. It is available on Desktop (HTML5), iOS, Android, and Window Mobile Phone.

Software Provider

BetSoft is one of the leasing online slots providers in the industry. You will find betSoft slots on many of the best online casinos.

Return to Player

The theoretical return to play is 95%


Why Play Jumbo Joker Slot?

Jumbo-joker-SlotLooking for something totally out of the ordinary? Then Jumbo Joker is most definitely it. A classic slot with 2 sets of reels to contemplate. The diversity of this slot does not get any better than this, especially considering that this is still classified as a classic slot.

This is just a game that many will love because of the pure novelty of it. Plus, there is some strategy to playing jumbo Joker. You should not always take the opportunity to jump onto the top reels. Sometimes is best to build up you cash, then work your way up to the top reels once you have a decent enough bankroll.

Even with just 5 reels, it is not difficult to land lots of small wins because there are only 6 symbols on the reels, meaning less symbols polluting reels, and more chance of players connecting and building up wins.

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