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You know that a company has to have some kind of sustenance behind it if it’s been around since 1985. That’s exactly the case with Incredible Technologies. Since its humble beginnings, it has grown and seen itself become successful in a number of ways. Of course, technology has improved and changed a lot since the 80s, which is probably why this company has succeeded for so long – because it has grown and expanded along with the industry itself. It has produced several hit games within both the casino gaming market, as well as various other sectors, such as pinball games and the like. Originally, the company was founded in Illinois by Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton – two people who still remain at the helm of the business.

  • Long-running software company
  • United States Licence held
  • Cross-licensing agreement with IGT
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List of Online Casino Sites that accept Incredible Technologies

It’s not only online casinos that have been able to benefit from the Incredible Technologies software either. Many land-based casinos have incorporated the company’s coin-operated machines into their establishments, meaning that the developer’s outreach is quite far.

Incredible Technologies Casino Games

The original target of this software developer was to produce several gold themed games. In fact, the earliest launches from this company didn’t have anything to do with online or offline gambling. Instead, Incredible Technologies focused on various work-for-hire entertainment projects, including the aforementioned pinball hardware, as well as game programming. Because of this, it didn’t really maintain much of a profitability level. However, when 1988 rolled around, the company developed its first coin-operated video game known as Capcom Bowling. However, once such games began to falter, Incredible Technologies branched out into the casino sector. The games that it produced in this area were initially available on cruise ships touring the Caribbean.

Since that time though, the casino games have expanded further afield, and Incredible Technologies has gone on to launch over 100 games, each differing in gameplay and visual quality. The more recent releases from the developer do incorporate several features and intriguing perks through. Some of the games from the company include:

  • Star Spangled Riches
  • Big Prize Bubblegum
  • Three Armies
  • Lotus Panda
  • Money Magnet
  • Celestial Goddesses
  • Shen Fortunes
  • Winner of the West
  • Mi Lin Fortunes
  • Astro Cat

Video slots, video poker and keno games are the only type of casino game that Incredible Technologies creates. So, you won’t find anything in the line of Blackjack, Poker or Roulette, for example. However, you will still be able to find the following features coming from this developer:

  • Strong collection of Video Slot games
  • Latest game releases provided
  • Casino game cabinets for land-based establishments
  • Appealing inbuilt features of slot games
  • Magic Touch collection of video slot, poker and keno games

Incredible Technologies Casino Bonuses

If you do decide to join an online casino that incorporates games from Incredible Technologies, then you can be sure that they’ll also provide players with something other than strong games. They will also offer up special offers in the form of bonuses, freespins and more. Offers like the following will be available:

The common process for claiming such promotions requires you to register at an Incredible Technologies casino first. Naturally, these offers do have certain rules and regulations surrounding them that you’ll need to become aware of.

Furthermore, most online casinos are also available via mobile devices today too. And their special offers are also accessible via smartphones and tablets at the same time.

No Deposit Bonus

Incredible Technologies High Roller Bonus

Some online casinos also recognise that certain players enjoy depositing higher amounts on their first time. These tend to be classified as high rollers. That’s why you will often find that some platforms present gamers with a higher bonus offer for depositing above a certain amount. Therefore, if you think you’ll benefit from such as a high roller player, why not find such a casino that utilises this developer’s software?

Free Spins

Incredible Technologies Free Spins

Being a company that has a mass of slot games available, it’s definitely a great thing to find that Free Spins are available from online casinos that incorporate its games. With these, you get the chance to play one or more online Video Slots without having to utilise your own money on them. Therefore, you can test out how a slot game is before you decide to play it for real money.

Welcome Bonus

Incredible Technologies Welcome Bonus

What’s even better than getting a specific game to play on for free? Getting some bonus money to utilise as you see fit, perhaps? Well, many online casinos give you bonus money upon you making your first deposit. And this can often continue on to your second deposit, and sometimes third and fourth. You’ll receive a percentage of the amount that you deposit on top with this, which can be anything like 100%, 200%, 250% and sometimes more.

Platforms Supported by Incredible Technologies

You can guarantee that something innovative has come to light throughout the years of experience that Incredible Technologies owns. Of course, much of its time was spent working on coin-operated video game machines, rather than casino-specific options. This means that many of the company’s games are available as physical cabinet-style offerings, rather than online options.

This does mean that land-based establishments get the brunt of games from this developer. That’s great in one way, but for those of us who prefer playing online, it’s a totally different scenario.

  • Land-based casino game selection
  • Mobile gaming
  • Magic Touch video slot, poker and keno games
  • eSports Games

Despite it having begun its casino game journey back in 2011, Incredible Technologies is still stalling behind others as far as the online world is concerned.

Magic Touch Games and eSports

While the Magic Touch games from Incredible Technologies weren’t originally able to be sold within the United States, they did eventually become available to play onboard Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas cruise ship. These games include titles like Crazy Money and King of Bling, which still exist to this day as playable options.

However, perhaps its more intriguing move has been the recent choice to integrate itself into the eSports world. Naturally, this is a bit more of a familiar territory for it, considering that its hugely successful Golden Tee coin game of 1989 – providing a golfing game to players – became such a big hit. Of course, the company’s games are not currently available within the European, Asian or Australian markets due to it only holding a US licence. However, this does have the potential to change in the future.

Gaming Platforms Powered by Incredible Technologies

This developer’s presence in the online gaming world is still fairly minimal. Some of its games are accessible via a mobile device, while the older ones tend not to be. Furthermore, it’s more so the latest releases that are available via online casinos in any form. Land-based casinos get more additions from the company.

Land-Based Casinos

Microgaming QuickfireBecause land-based casinos were much more of an entity and presence when Incredible Technologies started out, the developer’s foray into the world of casino games was done with this sector in mind. That’s why the company also creates cabinets for their games to be integrated into such establishments.

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