What are the steps to sign up for online casino?

Signing up with an online casino is no rocket science, provided you are guided properly. To shed light on the Signing Up process of an online casino, click here. We ensure you proper guidance.

What are the steps to sign up for online casino?

In the world of gambling, online casino is the new fad. To commence the game online, signing up is mandatory. One question which tickles every maiden player's gray cell is that is signing up free of cost or not? Well, the signing up on an online casino website comes with zero cost. Many renowned sites offer free spins and welcome bonuses instead.

Let's take a look on the Signing Up process

Step 1: Choose a platform

  • Mobile/Tablet
  • Computer

Choose a platform to play online as per your own convenience. Many topnotch online casinos have user-friendly interface for mobiles, too

Step 2: Fill in the registration form accurately

The registration form demands for details like Name, Last name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address and some other information depending on the site.

Step 3: Send a scanned copy

Majority of the websites ask for sending a scanned copy of I.D. Card/ Driving License and a Utility Bill in order to confirm player's identity and prevent frauds. In accordance to confirm one's nationality, casino may ask for a scanned copy of passport too.

Step 4: Verification of Information

Once all the information is added to the online casino's database, an email is sent to the user in order to verify that the information entered is accurate. After confirming the mail, the player can start playing.

Note A player needs to be over the age of 18 to sign up. The age may vary according to the legislation in your country of residence.