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Mobile Casino Gaming

Biggest advantage of being a casino player in 21st century is the fact that whether you seek free No Deposit casino games or a Real Money casino experience, you can have it all on your smart-phone. Mobile Casinos are the trending and one of the most desired feature among online casinos, with a large section of players preferring to continue their Slots win or Roulette bet on their mobile as they move away from their desktop.

Revolution of mobile casinos for real money has broken the shackles of being stuck at a PC for thrilling experience of Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and other games. Casino websites all over the internet are now focusing on game apps for real money casino games, thus allowing players to move to their Android or iOs powered devices for a more convenient form of gaming.

While it is a blessing to have mobile apps for casino gaming, players are often uncertain about how these apps differ from desktop version or struggle with the basic question of selecting a casino just because it has a mobile app. Casinoleader.com aims to explain online mobile casino gaming and the world of factors surrounding it; you can find list of top mobile casinos with best mobile Slots and other popular game selection to be played on smart phones.

Top Mobile Casinos for Android & iOS

Get reviews & ratings on top online casinos with best mobile gaming feature:

Mobile Casino Benefits

Fact is mobile casino gaming is more than the comfort of playing a casino game on your phone, its a winning strategy.

With mobile casinos becoming a preference among players of smart phone generation these casino platforms are loading their casino app with features that are more appealing and rewarding even if you end up losing a bet; online casinos in order to compete are bringing out best of game collection and launching better promotional offers on weekly or monthly basis.

Here are top 3 reasons to play a mobile casino


The whole purpose of mobile casino app for android or iOS is to let players log-in and wager even when they are away from their desktop or laptop. Even with laptop being a common and daily used gadget, players prefer a casino that lets them make a quick bet while traveling, standing in a queue or lying on their bed. A good online casino not only provides casino app for mobile platforms but even for devices like Tablet or iPad, thus giving a wider choice of device selection to a modern era's casino player.


A user friendly HD gaming interface and vibrancy of digital casino in your iPhone, Android mobile, Tablet or iPad has to be the first reason to move to a mobile gaming app for real money casino experience, no matter what's your game selection.



With online mobile casino app becoming a major part of the competition among all online casinos, these gaming platforms are now seen providing additional bonus attractions to players for downloading their apps. Often these extra bonuses are promotional offers given to encourage players towards app download and mobile gaming. Always look for online mobile casinos with free sign-up bonus. No deposit mobile casino bonus codes or free spins are a win-win for both players and casinos seeking to promote their mobile app.

Mobile casinos are known to cover all the regular promotions as available on the desktop version along with additional promotional cashback or no deposit offers, which can be redeemed only after downloading and playing at the casino's mobile platform.

Free Casino Games

Like desktop versions, most of the mobile casinos come with a free gaming interface that allows a player to learn the game, practice for free and understand the casino and its structure before he or she is ready to go for a real money slots or real money Poker or any other game. Free mobile gaming means a player gets to take all the risk, play different strategies, learn game play and upgrade their game skills with swipe of their fingers on their phone from anywhere, anytime.

Free Casino Games

How to select a mobile casino?

Like any desktop version, mobile casinos to have certain features that make them better when it comes to casino gaming. Each mobile casino is a branch of an online casino that extends same or extra level of gaming excellence in its app version for players to enjoy non-stop wagering from any corner of the world

Thus, before you pick a mobile casino and start betting on your phone, it is important to keep a checklist of things to verify in order to compare these mobile casinos & their apps.

Here is the checklist of things to see to select the right mobile casino:

  • certification


    No matter how good the mobile casino app is, if the casino is not authorized and certified to present casino gaming services it should not be in your list of options. Do not get lost in the gaming quality of the mobile app, the shiny interface and larger than life bonus displayed on the screen and ignore the legality factor. It is important to know if the mobile casino is powered by a certified online casino.

  • desktop

    Desktop version

    While the whole purpose of downloading a mobile casino app is to enjoy thrill of casino game like Slots or Video Poker or Roulette on the move, but you must not overlook the desktop version of your selected casino. There would be moments when a mobile app is un-accessible or your mobile is not in reach leaving you on the mercy of desktop version of your casino, thus it is important to ensure your mobile casino has a good desktop interface and gaming support.

  • software


    When we say software we mean everything from user friendly interface, mobile app browsing, navigation, the app outlook, ease of access to wide game collection and a secure banking section and app load time. It is important you check the mobile casino you have chosen is compatible with all formats and devices Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and even Windows because you never know which device you move to next.Also, this very fact that the casino app is compatible to all form of devices means the software provider and selected casino are from top league and are known to offer best of gaming experiences.

  • game_collection

    Game Collection

    Online casinos are known to offer additional or an exclusive gaming collection on their app version and due to change in the interface these games are often presented to meet the mobile gaming compatibility. So before you pick a casino do check if your preferred game is being covered by the mobile version of the casino, if there are enough variants and and free gaming option for your chosen game type.

  • banking_option

    Banking options

    Do cross check the banking options available on the desktop version and the mobile app of your chosen casino. Signing up on a mobile casino makes more sense when has same range of banking security and transaction options that its online desktop version has, considering you plan to spend most of your gaming time on mobile app whether its for free play or real money betting.

How to sign up with Mobile casinos?

There are two modes of mobile casino gaming - App Download & Flash Games.

  • App Downloads:

    This form of mobile casino gaming requires you to simply visit the App store in your device, download the app and start with the gaming.

  • Flash Games:

    Some casinos offer no-download flash games which are compatible with mobile interface and can be played on a phone's browser.

While both form of mobile casino gaming are often optimized to be mobile or tablet friendly by their respective casino, App Download is often a recommended form specially if you are seeking a long time gaming experience and not a random betting experience.

Here's how mobile casino gaming works:

  • step1

    Step1 - Download the App

    Let's assume you prefer App Download over Flash based browser gaming, now before you move to winning real money or explore free play you must get access to the mobile app. It's a simple process: Visit the App store of your selected casino and download the App. You can also find the App download link on the desktop version of the selected online casino; these App store download links are often highlighted and easily found on the websites of their online version.

  • step2

    Step2 - Create an account

    If you have already been playing at the desktop version of your online casino, you can use the same login details to login to the mobile casino interface For those new to the casino & registering for the first time, a free & simple registration can be done either by visiting the website or using the sign-up/register link on the app screen; just follow the basic guidelines on form filling, creating a user-name & password, selecting preferred banking etc.

  • step3

    Step3 - Fund your casino

    While existing website players can continue wagering without any funding due to already funded account, new registered users must select a deposit and withdrawal option to fund their game for a smooth betting process when they roll the dice, pull the slot lever or pick that card. Best part is some mobile casinos offer deposit discounts or special deposit bonus when registering on mobile.

  • step4

    Step4 - Pick the game

    Here is the best part or the cream of all, with your app installed, downloaded & funded you are now free to carry your mobile casino anywhere and play anytime. Just pick your game, wager and play. Bored with Craps? Move to slots. Done betting on Slots? Place a bet on Blackjack. Its your casino, your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to play real money online casino games on mobile?

    All reputed casinos work hard to make sure that they provide a good gaming experience to their players. A player ought to check for important things like eCOGRA certification, SSL encryption used by the casino, payout times and procedures of the casino, customer support etc. You can trust us with the list of casinos that we have compiled. All the safety measures have been taken care of by these top rated online casinos.

  • Do i have to create a new account for the mobile casino app?

    No, you can continue with the same login details as you have for the online casino account. In case you decide to download a mobile app of a different casino, then you will have to create a new account.

  • Will I get any welcome bonus if I go for mobile casino?

    Of Course, you will! If you are switching to mobile app of a casino, you will a nice welcome bonus. This amount will differ from casino to casino. Apart from the welcome bonus, you might as well get some extras like free spins, bonuses and credits depending on the casino policies.

  • What all devices can be used for playing mobile casino?

    A smartphone based on Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows platform will do the magic for you. Even tablets and iPads will be the apt devices. We will keep the answer as simple as that. Important thing to know would be to have the latest updated version of these operating systems.

  • Are all games available in mobile app of an online casino?

    Almost! Mobile apps are still a new craze and more and more development is on its way. Although one can easily find all types of online casino games on mobile apps but the numbers per type of game has still to see a high rise. More and more games are being added and all the necessary updates are being done. It is a matter of no time that mobile casinos will be fully functional and will provide even better gambling and gaming experience to the punters.