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Online Slots for Real Money

Slot Machines have discovered its way to the internet in the wake of advancement of technology and online gambling. Topping the favourite list of every player (maiden and pro), Slot Machines have occupied a place in every heart. With dozens of Slot machines in the market, we don't want our gamblers to stake their real money just anywhere. Thus, we present you with a comprehensive guide of Online Slots to make the most out of your real money.

Online Slots Features

  • A game of chance, Online Slots is thrilling and rewarding.
  • Slots can be played with the bankroll of any size. The betting amount can be as minimum as possible.
  • To sustain in the competitive world of gambling, every online casino offers a gamut of Slot machines.
  • Some of the most commonly played Slots are Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, Mega Fortune and Marvel Shots.

Top Casinos for Playing Online Slots

How We Rate and Review Online Slot Games?

Slot games are the most popular ones of all the other casino games, thus for all Slot fanatics out there we, at Casino Leader have an entire section reviewing their favorite Slot machines. To unravel the mystery of 'How we rate and review an Online Slot', continue reading:



Defining the interface and functionality of Slot games, gaming software technologies are the backbone of all the Slot machines. Therefore, software is one of the major aspects on which our gaming experts review and rate various Slot games.

Slots powered by the leading online gaming software providers are bound to be the most entertaining ones. We, at casinoleader.com review and enlist only the best; considering the taste, pocket and preferences of all our customers. Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Real Time Gaming are some of the leading online gaming software providers.

Graphics and Visualization

Graphics and Visualization

Since graphics and visualization define the quality of a Slot machine, these play a significant role when it comes to Slots. The clearer the graphic designs the higher is the quality of a Slot.

Graphics and visualization are also taken into account by the gaming experts of Casino Leader when rating and reviewing various Slot games. We explain the graphics, sound effects and looks of a Slot machine in detail; making it easier for our players to make a wise decision of choosing a user-friendly and an interactive Slot game.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds

The Bonus Rounds introduced amid the game play on a Slot machine act as a booster for your bankroll. With a little luck by your side, a player can avail these bonus features of a Slot machine to earn some Free Spins and fuel up his/her pockets.

Before reviewing a Slot game on the basis of Bonus Rounds, our gaming experts stake their real money on a particular Slot machine to find out how to make the most out of a Bonus Round.

How We Rate and Review Online Slot Casinos?

Casino Leader follows a rigorous procedure to rate and review Online Slot Casinos. We strive to provide the best to our players. Thus, our gaming experts scrutinize every online casino on the following parameters before adding it here:



Games are the backbone of any Online Casino. If a gambling site offers only a handful of games then it has surely got a weak core. Well, who would want to stake his/her real money on a weak foundation?



Bonuses and promotions have become part and parcel of every gambler's life. Therefore, the least that every online casino offers is a Welcome Bonus. To check the authenticity of bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos, our gaming experts deposit real money with them.



To ensure safety of our players' real money, we list only those Online Slots whose encryption is in place. Proper encryption ensures safety of your real cash. We also check auditing certificates of an Online Casino before listing it here, to ensure fairness and accuracy of every slot machine.



We rate and review Online Slot Casinos on the number of deposit and withdrawal methods offered by them. We utilize our own real cash to find out the ease by which our players can cash out their winnings.



Are you insanely in love with Slot Machines? If yes then there’s a high probability of you playing it all the time on your Android, iPhone or iPad device. Hence, every online casino offers mobile responsive view of slot games. But, we list only those online slot casinos which are mobile-friendly.

Why are Online Slots so Popular?

Every casino enthusiast stakes his/her real money with the motive of earning huge. That’s why Slot Machines have gained massive fame in the world of gambling. Not just huge earnings, but there are several other reasons behind why people choose playing Online Slots over Offline Slots.

Let's take a brief look:

  • Convenience: The sheer convenience of gambling online provided by Online Slots is invincible. With a good internet connection, now Slot enthusiasts can stake & earn some real money just with few clicks. Also, with the advancement of technology, Mobile Slots have found its way to online casinos. So, now players can play their favourite Slot games anywhere and anytime!
  • Vast Variety: Break the monotony of online casino games with Slot Machines. With a gamut of Slots offered by an online casino, one can simply not be bored of the game. Each Slot played is unique in theme.
  • Huge Winnings: Slot Games offer the biggest prize money and the prize of Progressive Jackpot is invincible. Only Slot Machines render us with a platform to earn huge by shedding just a few dollars.
  • Fun-Filled: Online Slots unravel the opportunity for relishing an interactive story and a unique theme with each game played. From superheroes to legends, each slot that you play adds to the fun and excitement quotient.

How to Play Online Slot?

Often players think that playing Slots is all about betting-spinning-betting-spinning! More or less this funda of bet-spin-bet-spin works at both land-based casinos and online casinos, provided you get the hang of Slot Machine Composition before spinning the reels of Slot machines.

  • PAYTABLES: A table showing what a specific payline can win you.

  • REELS: That part of a Slot machine where symbols appear and spin.

  • PLAY/SPIN: A lever or a button, which helps in spinning the reels manually.

  • DISPLAY BOX: A box which informs you when and how much you win.

  • BET PER LINE: The number of coins that you want to wager per line.

  • NO OF PAYLINES: Only Multi Line Slots have this area, where you can choose the number of paylines you want to bet on.

  • MAXIMUM BET: Bet per line when multiplied with the number of paylines.

  • BALANCE: The amount of real money in your player account which can be used to spin the reels of a Slot machine.

  • PAYLINES: The line on which right combination of icons need to appear for a player to win rewards.

Types of Online Slots

Gone are the days when Slot fanatics just had the option of spinning the reels of Classic 3 Reel Slots. Over the years, the technology has influenced the Slots existence massively. Innumerable types of Slot machines have been introduced to the gaming industry and on the basis of different factors, these are categorized as follows:

On the Basis of Denominations

Categorizing Slots on the basis of denominations is one of the easiest ways. It can be done as follow:

  • penny_slots

    Penny Slots

    As the name suggests, Penny Slots are literally the lowest investing Slot machine in the gaming industry. The name in itself gets an edge over gamblers as these Slots seem to be more affordable to players. And doing justice to its name, these Slots allow players to bet as minimum as 1 cent per line. Some Penny Slots encourage players to bet on multiple paylines too.

  • Nickel Slots

    Similar to Penny Slots, Nickel Slots are designed for low-stake gamblers. But the good thing about these Slot machines is that they offer a higher payout percentage than Penny Slots.

  • dollar_slots

    Dollar Slots

    Slot machines charging a minimum of a dollar to spin the reels are known as Dollar Slots. Acting as a middle ground, these Slots are perfect for the players who are bored of playing low-stake Slots, but also cannot afford High Limit Slots.

  • High Limit Slots

    High Limit Slots demand comparatively large bets to spin the reels, thus the payouts are also bigger for these Slots.


On the Basis of Game Types

Over the years, Slots have emerged from 3 Reel Classic Slots to highly interactive 3D Slots. Following are the main types of Slots on the basis of game types:

  • classic-slots

    Classic Slots

    The oldest type of Slots, Classic Slots are the traditional 3 reels and 1 payline Slot machines. These include traditional symbols like Lucky 7s, single double and triple bar symbols and fruit-based symbols like cherries, melons and oranges.

  • fruit-slots

    Fruit Machines

    As the name suggests, Fruit Machines include fruit-based symbols like oranges, cherries, melons etc. These fast-paced Slot machines are highly interactive in comparison to regular Slot machines.

On the Basis of Number of Reels

Conventional old-school Slot machines have three reels whereas contemporary Slot machine games use up to seven reels. Continue reading to find out more about various types of Slot machines on the basis of number of reels:

  • Make a deposit

    3 Reel Slots

    Slots were introduced to the gaming industry in the form of 3 Reel Slots, thus making it the oldest type of Slot machine in the industry. Featuring 3 reels on the Slot machine, a 3 Reel Slot is also known as a Classic Slot.

  • Make a Withdrawal

    5 Reel Slots

    As the name suggests, 5 Reel Slots feature 5 reels on the machine and by far these are the most popular Slot machines of all the Video Slot games available in the industry. These Slots claim to have the most interesting and engrossing themes ranging from classic films to TV sitcoms.

  • Make a deposit

    6 Reel Slots

    Slot machines featuring 6 reels are quite rare in the online world of gambling yet Slot fanatics find themselves fortunate if they come across these multi-reel Slots as more the number of reels to spin, more are the ways to win.

  • Make a Withdrawal

    7 Reel Slots

    Slot machines featuring 7 reels are known as 7 Reel Slots. Players prefer these Slot machines over 3 or 5 Reel Slots because more reels ensure more number of ways in which a player can win.

On the Basis of Locations/Countries

  • Pokies - Slot machines in Australia and New Zealand are known as Pokies. The leading online software technologies like Microgaming, NetEnt offer various types of Pokies to Australian players but 5-Reel Pokies and multi-payline Pokies are the most popular ones.
  • Puggy - Scottish fellas call Slots as Puggy.
  • Fruit Machines - Slot enthusiasts in Great Britain call Slot machines as Fruit machines.

Rules for Playing Online Slots

Slots are easy to play once you understand the basics and get a good hold of them. But there are some rules that a player must know, so that it’s easy to play and understand the general technique.

  • Choose the right type of casino and then go for the slot title of your choice.
  • Set the betting limit by adjusting the credits using '+/-' signs.
  • Choose the number of paylines you want to focus on.
  • Hit the spin button to set the slots into action.
  • Auto Play or Auto Spin button helps you go for uninterrupted and quicker game mode.
  • Free bonus rounds are there to make it easy for the players to win extra spins.
  • Every slot features a scatter symbol and a wild symbol, both holding a special value in the game.
  • Paytable provides complete information for the value of each symbol.

Slot Features

Slots is all about spinning the reels as there are no hard and fast rules which need to be taken into account whilst playing the game. But, a player with no prior knowledge of different Slot features loses all the interest in this fun-filled game as he/she is unable to fathom what’s happening on the screen. Thus, our gaming experts have compiled all the Slot features under this section so that you can enjoy an interruption free instant game play full of fun.

  • Payline:

    One of the most important features of any Slot machine is the number of paylines available in a game. In layman’s language, a payline is the line on which right combination of icons need to appear for a player to win rewards.

  • Wild Symbols:

    Like a chameleon changes color, Wild Symbols in Slots change suits to symbols which are required to complete a winning combination on a payline.

  • Scatter Symbols:

    A player’s best friend, the Scatter Symbol is a way to unlock various fun bonus features designed within a Slot machine. These symbols appear randomly on the reels and lead to immediate win without being a part of winning payline.

  • Extra Symbols:

    Additional symbols within a Slot machine are designed to help a player make winning combination. These symbols also help in differentiation one Slot machine from the other. For example: Scatter Symbols and Wild Symbols.

  • Free Spins:

    Spins which won’t be deducted from the remaining spins balance are known as Free Spins. But, if these Spins result to any winnings, then those winnings can increase your bankroll once you fulfill all the terms and conditions.

  • Respins:

    A player opts for Respins to make an attempt to complete the winning combination on a payline by re-spinning some of the reels after the round is over. These Respins are costly but totally worthwhile if you are able to form the winning combination while re-spinning the reels.

  • Sticky Wilds:

    Alike Wild Symbols, Sticky Wilds change suits to symbols which are required to complete a winning combination on a payline. The only difference between Wild Symbols and Sticky Wilds is that the Sticky Wilds remain stuck to the same place for a set number of spins.

  • Expanding Wilds:

    Expanding Wilds are also known as Wild Reel. Wild Symbols when appear on a reel and expand to cover all the positions above and below the reel are known as Expanding Wilds.

  • Stacked Wilds:

    A Stacked Wild is a Wild Symbol which when appears on one reel, hypothetically covers an entire reel.

  • Cascading Wilds:

    With this Slot feature, certain symbols disappear when the reels stop spinning and new symbols ‘cascade’ or fall from the top to replace those old symbols. If the lady luck is by your side then the new Cascading Wilds may help you form a winning combination.

  • Random Wilds:

    As the name suggests, Random Wilds kick into the game at random, when the Bonus Rounds with Free Spins are activated.

  • Gamble Feature:

    The Gambling feature of a Slot machine allows a player to double his/her winnings by playing a guessing game. This guessing game can be played either via cards, coins or dice. On making an accurate prediction, a player doubles his/her winnings whereas a wrong prediction leads to losing out on all the winnings.

    Multipliers: Symbols like 2x, 3x and so on are the Multipliers on a Slot machine. When these symbols are in effect then the winnings are multiplied by the digit of the multiplier.

  • Bonus Rounds:

    Bonus Rounds are often known as Bonus Games. The spinning rounds in which a player can avail the benefits activated by Scatter Symbols or other special symbols are known as Bonus Rounds. These spinning rounds can offer extra benefits to players. Free Spins, Multipliers and FreeCoins are some of the examples of Bonus Rounds.

  • Shifting Reels:

    The reels which add Wilds to form a winning combination on a payline are known as the shifting reels.

  • Click and Pick:

    The option of Click and Pick is activated during Free Spins and Bonus Rounds. This Slot feature enables a player to win instant prizes by clicking on a particular image.

  • Jackpot:

    The highest prize that a player can win whilst spinning the reels of a Slot machine is known as a Jackpot.

  • Progressive Jackpot:

    The sum total of accumulated deposits of players from a Slot or a network of Slots is known as Progressive Jackpot. A player on hitting the Progressive Jackpot can become a millionaire overnight. Yes, that’s the power and magic of these jackpots!

  • Auto Play (Auto mode):

    This Slot feature enables a player to automate the game play with selected parameters. Thus, you do not need to hit the ‘Spin’ button every time.

  • Nudge and Hold:

    The Nudge and Hold feature on a Slot machine empowers players. With the ‘Nudge’ feature, a player earns an opportunity to move a particular reel 1 position up or down whereas with the 'Hold' feature, he/she can hold an entire reel while the other reels re-spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How random are the online slots?

    It's a very genuine doubt that hits every player's mind. Online slots are supposed to work as per RNG (Random Number Generator). This system makes it fair for the slots to come up with a random slot screen. The online casinos have certifications from world renowned gambling auditors which make sure that they work with utmost fairness and compliance. To ensure a fair play, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) are some of the names that a player should look for while choosing an online casino.

  • What is a scatter symbol?

    It is a special symbol used in online slots to make winning combinations irrespective of the paylines. They are very rewarding as they give players different bonuses like free spins, extra winnings, bonus rounds etc. They can appear on any reel and sometimes the number of these symbols appearing on the screen also matters.

  • What is a wild symbol?

    It is a special symbol used in online slots to help players win different combinations. This symbol can be used as a replacement for any other symbol that could make a winning combination on the reels. A wild symbol cannot be used as a replacement for a scatter symbol. These symbols come with some bonus multipliers also.

  • What does volatility mean when talking about Slots?

    When it comes to Slot machines, volatility means how much and how often you can win during your game play. Although low volatility machines pay out more often, but the payouts by these machines is often small whereas a high volatility Slot payout less often but the payouts are bigger.

  • Can a player play online slots for free?

    All online slots casino offer free version of the slots to the players so that they can try their hands on these slots, learn the rules, go through the paytable schedule, check out the different paylines, have a better understanding of the game and do much more. This way players can enjoy slots to the fullest without fearing the risk of losing money. Free version of slots does not require any deposits to be made and a player can access them by straightaway hitting the play button. Another benefit of playing for free is that, a player can try different slot titles and choose the one that interests him the most. This can be done for different casinos, softwares or brands for a slot. And, silly yet an important point to remember; you are playing for free, so you will win nothing.

  • Can a player win real money by playing online slots?

    Definitely. Although, a player needs to have a lot of luck by his side to win big, but small amounts can be won easily. The trick to winning at slots is by betting small amounts on as many paylines as possible. This way a player increases his number of spins with the same bankroll size.

  • Can online casinos offering free and real money online slots be trusted?

    Playing at reputed and recommended online casinos always helps because it is your personal information and your hard earned money that is at stake. Do go through the accreditation of a casino and do not go for any blacklisted online casino. Sometimes alluring welcome bonuses can be thrown at you by these blacklisted casinos but beware. We can help you out by recommending our top choices. Check out our list of online casinos.

  • Are there any ways to cheat the Slot machines?

    Yes, there are lots of ways to cheat the Slot machines. Out of which, putting in fake coins is the easiest one to name. But, do bear in mind that the penalty for such an act is equivalent to that of a bank robbery. That being so, we totally disapprove all forms of cheating.

  • What is a payline?

    Putting it precisely, payline is a line of symbols set by the game that could give you a winning combination if those symbols appear on the screen in that particular combination set. These paylines run from one end of the screen to the other. They can be straight lines or zigzagged ones.

  • How Can I Win Slots?

    Alike other casino games, Slots are games with odd based in math but only a few players understand how these odds work as oodles of possible outcomes and different paybacks per winner make mathematical calculations complex. But, by looking at a machine you can get a clue of its volatility, which further helps you to choose a Slot machine.

    Choose a high volatility game if you have ample of time and lots of cash in hand whereas go for a low volatility game if you are a low risk taker.

    Slots is a sheer luck-based game. So, the only success mantra for winning at slots is “Keep Spinning”. The more you spin, the more are the chances to win.

    Our gaming experts recommend to stake your real money on Slot Machines which feature re-spins, cash bonuses or huge progressive jackpot.