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Online Lottery for Real Money

Taking chances is the essence of being., now ponder upon joining the millionaire’s club by simply taking a chance on numbers. The thought in itself kindles the thrill and adventure inside you, isn’t it? Lottery, also called Lotto is all about taking chances on numbers. For a long time, Lotteries have been a source of raising revenues for many governments. One of the most traditional forms of gambling, it is very different from other games played at online casinos. Let’s take a thorough look!

Quick Facts

  • A game of numbers
  • Enables a group play
  • A source of raising revenue

Best Online Lottery Sites

    Why Play Lottery Online?

    • No Hassles to Get Your Lotto Ticket

      Playing Lotto online gets you rid of the inconvenience of traveling long distances and standing in long queues simply to buy a Lottery ticket. If you choose to play Online Lottery, your Lotto ticket is just a few clicks away.

    • Bid Adieu to the Fear of Losing a Ticket

      Play Lottery online and bid adieu to the fear of losing a ticket. Since your ticket is securely stored online, playing Lotto online comes without the fear of losing a ticket.

    • A Good Collection of Lottery Games

      Online Lotto players can choose from an array of games offered by an Online Lotto Concierge. Also, on any given day, the gaming collection of an Online Lottery Concierge is much bigger than the Lotto counter offline.

    • Much Bigger Jackpots

      The local Lottery jackpots are overshadowed in comparison to the bigger international Lotteries including EuroJackpot and Powerball. Bigger international Lotteries mean much bigger pool of prizes.

    • Environment-Friendly Option

      Last but not the least, playing Lottery online is the most environment-friendly option. No paper and no pens! So go green and start playing Lotto online!

    How to Play Lottery : Introduction

    With the arrival of Online Lottery Concierge Services, hosting of Online Lotteries across the globe has become legitimate and effortless. Thanks to these Concierge Services making the impossible possible, myriads of players are now accomplishing their dreams in just few clicks. Unraveling the mystery of 'How to play Lottery' is no rocket science, provided you've been guided properly. Therefore, the gaming experts of www.casinoleader.com present you the one-stop guide to 'How to play Online Lottery':

    Play Lottery
    • Lottery Bonuses

      Register with an Online Lottery Concierge

      To play Lotto online, you need to sign up with an Online Concierge and since the registration process is simple and quick, it will take a few minutes to create an account. Visit the official website of the Online Concierge you choose to play with, click on 'Register' / 'Join Now' / 'Sign Up' and follow the pop-up instructions.

    • Lottery Sign Up

      Select the Lottery Game

      Once you've created an account, choose the Lottery you intend to play by clicking on it. Here is a list of games according to countries, so choose as per your nationality.

    • Newbie Room

      A Good Collection of Lottery Games

      Online Lotto players can choose from an array of games offered by an Online Lotto Concierge. Also, on any given day, the gaming collection of an Online Lottery Concierge is much bigger than the Lotto counter offline.

    • Lucky Lottery Numbers

      Choose Your Lucky Lottery Numbers

      Post selecting the Lottery Game, you can choose your lucky numbers in either of two ways - 1) Manually select your own lucky Lotto numbers 2) Use quick pick option for a random selection of numbers.

    • One Time Purchase vs Multi Draw

      One Time Purchase vs Multi Draw vs Subscriptions

      After selecting your lucky Lotto numbers; you need to make a choice between One Time Purchase, Multi Draw or Subscriptions which are further explained below:

      • One Time Purchase - When you buy a Lotto ticket for one specific draw
      • Multi Draw - When you purchase Lottery tickets in advance to avail heavy discounts. Multi Draw comes in 4 four forms - Play 5, 10, 25 or 52
      • Subscription - When you enter in every consecutive draw of the Lottery until you cancel it
    • Pay for Lottery Ticket

      Pay for Your Lottery Ticket

      Once Online Lottery Concierge, Lottery game and lucky Lotto numbers are in place; all you need to do to play Online Lottery is pay for your ticket and wait for the odds to be in your favor!

    How to Find the Best Lottery Sites

    With heaps of Online Lottery Rooms and official websites out there, confusion among Lotto players is inevitable. To clear up your confusion to some degree, our gaming experts have enlisted the most significant parameters to be considered when choosing a Lottery site to play online:

    • Safety and security

      Safety and Security is a non-negotiable parameter whenever staking your real money online. A safe website is directly proportionate to a safe play. Always choose a website which is protected with SSL encryption, holds an authentic license and takes legitimate safety measures to safeguard the interest of both players and Lottery operator.

      Our top recommendations - WinTrillions

    • Gaming Collection

      The gaming collection of a Lottery brand defines its class. The bigger the collection, the better the class! Always select a website with bigger gaming collection so as to beat the monotony.

      Our top recommendations - theLotter, LottoKings

    • Banking Methods

      Multiple banking methods make transactions easier and smoother, thus enhancing the gaming experience of every player. Always go for a website which offers numerous banking methods including Bank Transfers, eWallets, Debit/Credit Cards and cheques.

      Our top recommendations - Jackpot.com, Lottery Master, theLotter

    • Customer Care Team

      Since the customer care team is the communication bridge between a Lottery brand and players, always choose a website with a reliable and responsive customer support. Go for a site which offers multiple ways for communication including Email, Live Chat, Phone, WhatsApp and Messenger.

      Our top recommendations - Jackpot.com, PlayHugeLottos

    • Promotional offers and Bonuses

      Promotional offers and bonuses are designed to give a flying start to every player's gambling experience. Always choose a website which offers humongous yet low wagering requirement bonus promotions to its members.

      Our top recommendations - WinTrillions, LottoPalace

    Matching Lottery Numbers

    The value of your Lotto prize depends on the number of Lotto entries sold and the number of entries that match the same numbers as yours.

    • Match 6 numbers to win a Jackpot.
    • Matching 5 numbers and bonus lets you win £50,000(estimated).
    • Matching 5 main numbers gives you a prize of £1,000(estimated).
    • Matching 4 main numbers gives you £100(estimated).
    • Matching 3 main numbers gives you £25(estimated).
    • Matching 2 main numbers gives you one free Lotto Lucky Dip.
    • A Millionaire Raffle makes you win guaranteed 1 million and 20 prizes of £20,000.

    Top Lottery Games by Continent

    Lottery is considered illegitimate by some governments, whereas others endorse it to an extent where it is a major source of raising revenues for governments. Also, some states organize a National or State Lottery. Here we present you all major Lotto games by continents and countries:


    • Europe - Euro Millions, EuroJackpot
    • France - Lotto
    • Germany - Lotto
    • Ireland - Irish Lotto
    • Italy - SuperEnalotto
    • Spain - El Gordo, La Primitiva
    • United Kingdom - UK Lotto, Thunderball

    North America

    • California - Super Lotto
    • Canada - Canada Lotto
    • New York - Lotto
    • USA - Mega Millions, Powerball


    • Australia - OZ Powerball, Oz Lotto

    South America

    • Brazil - Mega Sena
    • Countries Where Online Lottery is Banned

      Countries Where Online Lottery is Illegal/Banned

      Belarus (prosecuted), Cyprus (prosecuted), Czech Republic (other forms, the lottery is legal), Poland, Switzerland, Bahamas, Cuba, Turkey (other forms, prosecuted, the lottery is legal), Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia (all forms), Qatar (all forms), Iran (all forms), Iraq (all forms), Syria (all forms), India (some states), Indonesia (all forms)

    • Scratch Card Games

      Scratch-Off Games / Scratch Card Games

      Many Online Lottery websites offering different Lotto games offer Scratch-Off Instant games too. Undoubtedly, the convenience of playing these Scratch Card games is invincible. No mess of selecting numbers and filling out a pay slip! These games are pre-drawn, i.e., the result is read directly on the card. All you need to do is buy a Scratch Card, scratch the blurred sections and hope to be lucky enough to win something. Certain Scratch Cards are only sold in a physical shape, but there are however many Lottery brands offering e-Lottery Tickets.

    How to buy a Lottery Ticket?

    Buying a Lottery ticket is a cakewalk, all you need to do is select a reputable Online Lottery website, recheck your state or country's legal situation, select a Lottery game you intend to play, pay for it via different banking methods offered by that respective site and wait for confirmation.

    Lottery Ticket

    Lottery Games Rules

    By and large Lottery is all about buying a Lotto ticket, picking up lucky numbers and hoping to be lucky enough to match all six numbers to hit the jackpot or just enough numbers to win some prize.

    The rules for buying a Lottery ticket and matching the numbers remain same for all types of Lotteries, but there is a slight difference in how you pick up lucky numbers of different Lotto games.

    Here we present you a comprehensive guide to Lottery Rules

    • EuroMillions

      How to play EuroMillions?

      To play EuroMillions, select five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 12.

    • EuroJackpot

      How to play EuroJackpot?

      To play EuroJackpot, select five regular numbers from 1 to 50 and two additional Euro numbers from 1 to 10.

    • SuperEnalotto

      How to play SuperEnalotto?

      To play SuperEnalotto, select six numbers from 1 to 90.

    • Powerball

      How to play Powerball?

      To play Powerball, five white balls are drawn out of a pool of 69 balls and one red ball is drawn out of a pool of 26 red balls.

    • Thunderball

      How to play Thunderball?

      To play Thunderball, select five main numbers from 1 to 39 and a Thunderball from 1 to 14. You can win prizes ranging between £3 for matching just the Thunderball and £500,000 as a Jackpot prize for matching all the numbers.

    • Mega Million

      How to play Super Lotto?

      To play Super Lotto, choose five main numbers from 1 to 47 and one Mega number from 1 to 27.

    Lottery Tips & Strategies

    When playing Lottery, luck is beyond your reach but strategies ain't. In fact, a well-thought-out strategy can help you improve your odds of winning big. To ease it down for you, our gaming experts have compiled this one-stop Lottery Strategy Guide. Make the most out of our experts advice and take a step towards seizing that big payout:

    • Play Lottery Syndicates

      A Lottery Syndicate allows a group of players to purchase a Lotto ticket together by sharing both the ticket cost and the winnings, enabling players to boost their odds of winning with group play. It is the most trusted way to improve your odds and join the millionaire's club as you can bet on hundreds of lines and diversify your bets.

    • Play Millionaire Raffles

      In addition to the regular Lottery, consider playing a Millionaire Raffle as it enhances your odds of winning by guaranteeing a winner every week. 'How' is what you ask? Well, a Millionaire Raffle cannot be rolled over until a winning combination is drawn. So to play Millionaire Raffle, sign up with a reputable Online Lottery website and choose any of the Millionaire Raffles you intend to play.

    • Buy More Lottery Tickets

      The more the tickets, the higher the odds of winning. Don't worry, our gaming experts will help you unravel the mystery of 'How'.

      Example, if you can only select your ticket combination from a lot of total 65 numbers, buying more tickets will enable you to choose more numbers, which will further increase the probability of you choosing a right number.

    • Avoid Popular Numbers

      Stand apart in the crowd and choose uncommon numbers as it will increase your odds of winning. Many people play dates when it comes to deciding their fate, so refrain from choosing numbers between 1 and 31 as these will be chosen more often than other numbers. Avoid the sequence 1-2-3-4-5-6 in every Lottery as thousands of players out there play this combination. The more the people play a specific combination, the smaller the individual winnings will get.

    How Do I Deposit Funds in My Lottery Account?

    Every Online Lottery website offers an array of banking methods to make a deposit and request a withdrawal. Choose any of those as per your convenience and all you need to do is visit the official website, click on 'Deposit' or 'Cashier' tab and follow the pop-up instructions.

    How to Receive Lottery Winnings?

    To receive your Lottery Winnings to your bank account, visit either the 'Withdrawal' or 'Cashier' section on the official website of the Lottery provider. You can choose any of the multiple withdrawal methods offered by the Lotto brand. Follow the instructions to cash out your winnings.

    Lottery Results & Draw

    One of the most substantial element of participating in a Lotto draw is to keep a vigilant eye on the draw dates. To join the millionaire's club, buying a Lotto ticket won't suffice as many a times bettors buy tickets and forget to check the results thus skipping the chance to redeem their win. To ease down the process of becoming a millionaire, our gaming experts have penned down the draw dates of some of the most popular Lotto games, especially for you:

    Euro Millions


    Played across nine European countries, the EuroMillions draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €17 million, which can reach up to a massive €190 million.

    Mega Millions

    Mega Millions

    The Mega Million draws take place on Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 pm Eastern Time, 10:00 p.m. Central Time, 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time.



    The Powerball draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.



    Played in Italy, SuperEnalotto draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 pm. If the draw is due on any of the public holidays in Italy then it is rescheduled to the nearest possible day.



    The EuroJackpot is held on every Friday night live from Helsinki at 21:00 GMT.



    The Thunderball draw takes place thrice a week, i.e., on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

    Frequently Asked Questions