Privacy Policy respects the privacy of its Users (you) and thus has following set of Privacy Policy clause created to inform you on how we collect and use the data as provided by you, upon visiting the website or signing up or using any of the services provided at this website.

Please note that the following Privacy Policy are also a part of the the large Terms & Conditions set for the website. These following Privacy Policy clauses are open to changes and we,, hold right to make the amendments in the same with or without prior notice to the users.

Collection & Use of Information

Every time you, the User, visits and uses any of the services provided at, we collect the data and personal information provided by you, your web server and cookies enabled.

a) Information provided by user

This form of data collected is directly result of any information provided by you, the user, by registering with using the provided form, with details such as Name, Email, Contact, Age etc.

Use Of Information

This form of information collected is largely used to contact the user for providing offers, promotions etc. Newsletters, emails and other promotional materials are dispersed to the users using the above form of information, as and when collected.

b) Information collected by Webserver

For a better and improved functionality of our services, as provided, we also make use of the data as collected by your web server, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Browser information
  • Webpage visited
  • Clicks
  • Access time
  • Language preferred
  • Ads clicked
  • IP Address
  • Geo Location
  • Bookmarks created
  • Servcies Accessed

Use Of Information

The large purpose of the information collected via web server is to research and analyze the services preferred by you. This data also is used to:

  • help us improve and better our services.
  • customize our services to fit your preferences.
  • show geological based ads or services.
  • match your requirement.
  • clear any unwanted services or ads.
  • filter and customize current ads

c) Cookies

Information collected using Web-Cookies as enabled by you on your web-server are part of the technical data collected using the server. This form of information is basically used to track and analyze your online activity at, including the time spent, the pages clicked, the ads clicked, the bounce rate per page etc.

Use Of Information

All the analytic based data collected using Cookies, as stored on your browser, is used in research purpose further leading to improvements in our services by:

  • making web navigation easy,
  • remembering your service preference or language preference,
  • removing the unwanted or least visited areas on the webpage,
  • enhancing content or visuals of web pages prone to higher bounce rate etc.

You, the User or Visitor, are free to disable the cookies or to not sign-up with As a sign-up user of you are free to delete your account or deactivate the account at any moment. Similarly, is free to change its account name, details, logo, services and other data at any moment without prior information.

The data collected prior to an account deactivation remains with in its archives and the information can be retained by us,, for the research purpose.

Please note that is not open to registration of sign-up to any users under 18 years of age.

Cookie Control Policy

Cookies stored on mobile or desktop platform at the User's end for functioning of the website for helping the website provide personalized and better experience, for customizing the user's experience based on preferences like language, payment options, currency etc and by creating and providing only relevant adverts by tracking the preferred or non preferred ads and advert links, follow under a cookie control policy that allows you the user to disable or turn these off. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Disclosure to Collected User Information

While takes privacy of its users very seriously and is completely dedicated to prevent any misuse of the information, by refraining from sharing the same with any other party, there are a few exception to above data confidentiality and information privacy policy.

In case of any court orders pertaining to a legal investigation or other lawful process, is entitled to share the collected information without the prior permission of a registered user.

The disclosure of personal information, like Name, Email or other provided data by a User, to another Company comes under affect if and when there is a merger with another Party/Company or selling of the Website/Company to another Party/Company. will only share your data or information with a Third Party Company when there is a target based advertisement created on basis of the user data, provided by your interaction with such advertisement by viewing or click on the same. Similarly, such information when shared with other party are often covered with confidentiality agreement between and the Third Party thus stopping the Third Party from distributing the data further.

Confidentiality of Shared Information

All, and any information or, data acquired by the registered User provided by them and by cookies is safeguarded by necessary data protection regulations. If and when the user information is needed to be shared with an employee, in order to create a user-friendly customize service based changes on the website or in any of its services, ensures the tight check on the data usage and thus limits the access to the shared info to prevent misuse of the same.

Rights under GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) works towards giving EU users rights and control over data shared by them. You, as the user, have number of rights in regards to your data, which you can exercise by contacting our support team by sending an email to
Following are the rights outlined under GDPR legislation for Europeans:

The Right to Information

You have right to access to information like how your information or data is being processed, country of processing, who to contact as your representative, etc.

The Right of Access

You have access to your data at You , the user, can ask or confirm with us if we are processing your given data. You can ask for copy the given data.

The Right to Rectification

You have right to request rectification on any personal data that seem inaccurate to you. We might check the accuracy of your data prior to rectifying the same.

The Right to Erasure

The user, you, has the right o ask for erasure of the data shared by you when and if: the data is not needed for the purpose it was shared or you have withdrawn your consent from consent based data or you wish to access your right to objection or you feel it is being processed unlawfully or it is required for legal reasons. Similarly, we can say no to data if it is required for legal reasons or to use in legal or other claims by the company.

The Right to Restriction of Processing

You have right to ask us to restrict the processing of your data, which means we can keep but not use your data when and if it is being rectified or asked for rectification or the processing of the shared data is unlawful or it is of no use but needed for legal claims or rights or you have exercised any of your other rights like rectification or objection being directly impacted by the data.

The Right to Data Portability

Right to portability means you can request us to provide you the personal data as shared by you, to you in structured, easy to understand or machine readable format. You can also ask us to port the data to another Data Controller as per your consent.

The Right to Object

You have right to object processing of your data with our legitimate interest for legal basis, when you feel or believe that your own fundamental rights or freedom overrides our, the company’s' legitimate interests.

The Right to Avoid Automated Decision-Making

You have right to ask to not to be subjected to any decision based directly on any automated data processing, which may include profiling, etc.