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Online Poker for Real Money

A game of cards, Online Poker for real money is much more than an addictive strategic game. It is an art which can only be mastered with practice. The good news for all poker maniacs out there is that online casinos offer plethora of poker rooms to “call”, “raise” and “fold” cards. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and choose your favourite poker game from a string of variants including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud.

Best Online Poker Sites

How to Play Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker played both at land-based casinos and online casinos. Limit Hold’em, No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Hold’em are three most common variations of Texas Hold’em. In this article section, we’ll majorly discuss about No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

The game of Texas Hold’em Poker begins with dealing two face down cards to every player. We refer to these two cards as ‘Hole Cards’ and players can see these cards. Then with three betting rounds, a total of 5 cards are dealt face up. These cards are known as ‘Community Cards’ and are shared by all the players at the table. To win, you need to form the strongest 5-Card poker hand with your hole and community cards.

Quick Tips for Poker

Choose the right Poker Table

Before commencing your play at any poker table, take time to read the information on the table. Also, take into consideration the level of your skills and availability of funds. A win at an easy-table or a loss at a harder-table? Choose wisely!

Practice is the key to success

Fortunately, Poker is one of those casino games which is not purely based on luck. Critical thinking skills when coupled with self discipline can do wonders. And, to enhance your these two traits, all you need to do is practice all day all night.

Learn the skill of Bluffing

Bluffing is a skill which comes with time and practice. To master the art of bluffing, you need a mental calculator to keep a track of your betting habits and emotions in check. You need to be vigilant whilst bluffing but avoiding it altogether is not a way out.

Sometimes folding cards make you wise

It is not mandatory to play every hand. So, folding your cards is a wise move when you are dealt two weaker hole cards.

How to Find the Best Poker Casino

Choosing the best online poker room from the entire pool can be a task. To ease it down for you, our gaming experts have spent ample time in researching and reviewing poker sites. We consider the following parameters whilst reviewing various poker sites:

Bonuses and Rewards

A generous Welcome Bonus can really help players take a confident stand on the game of Online Poker for Real Money. Many online casinos offer huge welcome bonuses, rewards and other bonuses at different steps in the game. Go for the online gambling sites which offer good bonuses for Online Poker.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

A strong banking system is a substantial aspect that needs to be considered before signing up with an online poker room. We list only those poker rooms which ensure smooth withdrawals and offer an array of banking methods to ensure easy transactions.

Good Traffic

Do consider the amount of traffic drawn by a poker website. To play the game as per your own convenience and any time, ensure that you play with a poker room which draws good amount of traffic.


Live Poker tournaments are frequently played on all good poker sites. From sit and go’s to buy ins and free rolls, it is substantial to know the types of tournaments offered by a poker room. It makes your win a cakewalk!

Poker Game Rules

You just cannot win the game of Online Poker by having the Lady Luck on your side. To guarantee your triumph, you need to form the strongest 5-Card hand with your two hole cards and the community cards dealt face up, which definitely demands some strategic mindset.

Let’s see how it works:

Button: The position of Dealer

The button placed on the table indicates the position of the dealer. In Texas Hold’em, the player on the button is last to play on post flop streets. However, do not bother much about the button if you are staking your real money online.

Forced Bets: Big and Small Blinds

In the game of Texas Hold’em, the two players to the left of the dealer are required to place the forced bets: The Small Blind and The Big Blind. The first player places the small blind followed by the next player who is obliged to place the next forced bet which is the Big Blind.  

Small Blind Bet

Equivalent to half of the full bet for that round.

Big Blind Bet

Equivalent to the full bet for that round.

Order & Types of Betting

In the game of Poker, generally, the person sitting left to the dealer acts first and the betting session proceeds in clockwise direction. If any player folds the card before then the action proceeds to next player. A player has a choice of following bets:

  • Check: The opener of the betting round enjoys the privilege of ‘Check’. It is equivalent to betting zero and/or to calling the current bet of zero. When a player decides to ‘Check’ then he/she does not fold the cards instead wait to raise or call in the later betting rounds.
  • Open/Bet/Raise: The player increases the bet amount according to the limits set in the game.
  • Call: The player wagers the same amount of money as the Big Blind Bet.
  • Fold: The player packs away both hole cards.

Four Betting Rounds

1. Preflop Round

  • The first betting round.
  • Players left to the dealer place forced bets.
  • Player next to the Big Blind begins the round.
  • Comes with three options: Call, Raise or Fold

2. Flop Round

  • 3 community cards are dealt face up.
  • Try to couple these cards with your 2 hole cards to form a 5-Card poker hand.
  • Player with Small Blind begins the round and has 3 options: Check, Bet or Fold.
  • The other players have three options: Call, Raise or Fold

3. Turn Round

  • The fourth community card is dealt face up.
  • Now, the player has to form a 5-Card poker hand out of the six cards available.
  • Post that, the betting session continues as in first and second round.

4. River Round

  • The fifth community card is dealt face up.
  • The final round of betting takes place with the same moves as aforementioned.
  • After the completion of betting round, all the players with unfolded card will reveal the cards and the player with strongest hand wins the entire amount.

Hand Ranking System

Variations of Poker

Game Hole Cards Community Cards No. Of Betting Rounds Best Hand
Texas Hold’em 2 5 4 Highest
Omaha Hi 4 5 4 Highest
Omaha Hi-Lo 4 4 4 Highest and/or Lowest (8 high)
Seven Card Stud 3 4 4 Highest
Razz Poker 3 4 4 Lowest
Five Card Stud 2 3 Varies from table to table Highest
Five Card Draw 5 0 Varies from table to table Highest

Don't Overestimate the Power of Ace

An Ace is definitely a powerful card. But, refrain from overestimating its power and do not go ahead with an Ace hand unless the community card matches the suit in hand.

Stake Your Real Money on Strong Hands

Before the 'Flop Round', gauge the strength of the pairs. That is, if the face down cards dealt to you are in the form of any of the pairs then go ahead and play strong on these cards. 

Watch Other Players' Moves

It is important to watch how your opponents are playing; many might play aggressively or randomly. Therefore, their moves can help in deciding yours. For example, you can only play against tight players when your hand is stronger than theirs.  

Slow Play or Bluff

Slow Play or Bluff is a good choice when playing poker. This technique can b used when you have a good hand in the game. You can prolong your move time which might lead the opponent to think that you have a weaker hand. This will in turn will make them raise their bets and you will be able to earn more money in your showdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the basic differences between online poker and land based poker?

    Although there are many differences, the main difference is that online poker is extremely fast paced. While a land based poker table might allow 30 hands per hour, an online poker table has the scope to allow 70 hands every hour. You can even wager at multiple tables while playing poker online.

  • How do online poker bonuses work?

    Online poker bonuses are given to players randomly by poker rooms. The most common types offered are deposit bonuses and tournament buys ins.

  • Which Poker room is the best to play online?

    We only recommend poker rooms which are the best. However, all poker rooms have their good points therefore it is advisable to pick one of them based on your needs.

  • Do I require high speed internet to play poker online?

    Yes, a good broadband with good speed is recommended since online poker needs to be stream fast therefore you will a connection that never hangs up.

  • What is the difference between an add-on and a re-buy?

    A re-buy is an extra amount of chips which can be purchased when your chips are over. An add on is extra chips bought in spite of having chips on you.

  • Can I trust a poker site with my personal information?

    Casino Leader lists only reliable poker sites. Nonetheless to ensure safety of your personal information, always play with poker sites which use latest encryption technology.

  • How do I know that the RNG (Random Numbers Generator) software used by my poker site isn't rigged?

    Independent regulatory entities rigorously test the RNG software before it is put in use by a poker site. This ensures that each draw is completely random. However, refrain from staking your real money with any unknown site which does not possess any such certification.

  • Which poker variants are available online?

    Texas Hold'em and Omaha are the two poker variants which are quite popular over internet and are offered by almost all poker sites. But there are many poker sites which offer exotic variants of poker including Stud or Razz.