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  3. A CA$5.9 Million Jackpot Drops on Mega Moolah Slot on 10th August 2019

A CA$5.9 Million Jackpot Drops on Mega Moolah Slot on 10th August 2019

A CA$5.9 Million Jackpot Drops on Mega Moolah Slot on 10th August 2019

Just when we thought that the dream-fulfilling slot, Mega Moolah, was done with the big wins for the year, it pays out once again! This online slots jackpot was won on the 10th of August and the big win amounts to CA$5,954,437.97. Although the other precise details of the win are yet not fully confirmed, but this win is the seventh win of the Mega Moolah jackpot for the year 2019.

After this smashing win which was triggered in Canadian Dollars, the Mega Moolah jackpot has been reset to around £2.2 million. So, don't be disheartened that the massive jackpot has already been taken away because several times in the past as well, we've witnessed Mega Moolah jackpots triggering in quick succession. Below we have enlisted all such events to make it easier for you to recall.

Mega Moolah Has Done It Time & Again

Speaking of Mega Moolah jackpots and its quick succession landing, let's start with the year 2009 when the first ever quick trigger of this jackpot came into existence. Back then, the jackpot was won twice within two months, with a €6.3 million prize won on May 9th and a €1.17 million win followed on July 3rd.

Three years later in early 2012, one player struck a US$1.52 million prize on March 11th which was followed by a win of €1.39 million on April 28th; giving us the shortest duration between two Mega Moolah wins. Microgaming was basking in its gloryand meanwhile, the very first Mega Moolah jackpot worth US$1.07 million was won on mobile on the 25th of May.

The streak of big wins on Mega Moolah Slot continued and by 2013, it became the most-treasured online game of the industry. With frequent game-plays and increased number of spins on the slot, wins were triggered every now and then. Amongst such small wins happened two big wins which created a record that everyone thought was not likely to be beaten anytime soon - One lucky player dropped a €3.03 million prize on May 3rd and then a week later, on May 10th, a player in New Zealand became the first winner from the country to take home NZ$1.06 million. Two big wins in just seven days and a history was created because never before the jackpot had been won twice in less than a month's gap.

A Jackpot That Keeps Rolling

Proving the prediction wrong and giving us the record-smashing streak of big wins, Mega Moolah Slot went all gaga in the year 2014. It started on June 12th when one fortunate Canadian player triggered a CA$4.25 million jackpot and then just six days later, the second winner was all prepped up to take home a prize of €2.38 million.

Well, just when we thought that there can be no other big win event to match this craziness, the year 2017 happened! The year began on a winning note with jackpots being triggered in January, March and April. On May 22nd, we saw another winner land a €3.72 million prize and just over five hours later, the jackpot was triggered for the second time in a single day, when a Canadian player landed a CA$1.00 million prize.

It took 12 years since the first winner of the Mega Moolah Jackpot prize, but all the wait was worthwhile! The excitement of witnessing two huge wins in a single day was still in the air and just a month later on June 19th, 2017, a player landed a NZ$1.55 million prize and an hour or so later, the next jackpot in Australian Dollars of just over AU$1.00 million was struck. Post this win, the Mega Moolah jackpot was won once a month for the remaining of the year 2017 and early 2018. On April 19th, 2018 a jackpot worth US$5.61 million was triggered which was followed a day later by a win of £1.77 million.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Has Never Failed to Surprise Us

Not letting the amusement die-down, the quick succession of Mega Moolah jackpot wins continued in 2019 as well. On March 5th, a massive win of US$12.94 million was landed which was followed by a Canadian Dollar win of CA$3.30 just a day later via mobile. Before this big win worth CA$5.9M, Mega Moolah Jackpot was struck twice within a month; one being landed on May 4th and the other one on May 24th.

Looking at the past records, the Mega Moolah jackpot wins are totally unpredictable and random. After the big jackpot win, we could see another winner with the very next spin, or it could be within a few hours, the next day or week. It could be in the same month, or it may take several months or even a year to trigger the next huge win. So, don't lose hope with this big win and meanwhile enjoy smaller victories until the prize pot grows bigger.

We'd like to end this by congratulating the winner and instilling a hope in all the readers out there - You might be featured in our next big win story. Until then, have a great time while spinning!