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What is High Roller Bonus?

Online casinos, with their basket of popular casino games, are known to offer a wide range of gaming rewards, bonuses & VIP promotions. High Roller bonus is one such popular casino promotion designed not only to attract new players, but also to keep them happy and a regular visitor at the site.

Stated as a bonus exclusive for the high stakers with bigger bankroll for wagering, also called the elite class, High Roller casino bonus is a deposit bonus where a player makes a deposit and the casino matches the deposit with some percent. For example the most common kind of high roller would be 50% up to $1000.

High Roller bonus in simple words is a match bonus with higher minimum deposit limit.

High Roller Casino Bonus Versus Regular Deposit Bonus

In High Roller bonus

  • Player has to make a higher deposit with the minimum deposit limit being higher than usual
  • The return value or payout is also considerably high
  • Casino matches a 50% of the deposit instead of 100%

In Regular bonus

  • The minimum deposit limit is very low and can even go to as low as $20
  • The payout or return is decent, not so low but not so grand either
  • Casinos are often seen matching the deposit by 100% or 150% or even 200%

High Roller Casino Bonus versus VIP Bonus

High Roller Bonus and VIP Bonus are more or like two sides of same coin and in many cases they are the same thing. High Roller bonus & VIP rewards are basically the kind of bonus that caters to the players with a long history of wagering at the casino and a habit of higher staking in games like Slots or Blackjack etc.

Such players, who are regulars and have huge bankrolls to throw on games, fall under the eligibility criteria for VIP treatment or VIP services which means access to higher payout, higher betting limits, cash-backs, reloads, invites to events & tournaments, redeemable loyalty points, a special account manager & other surprises.

This VIP treatment is only open to players with large wagering habits, thus to avail such eliteness a player must be a high roller. There is no difference between High Roller bonus & VIP bonus, they both are open to high rollers & loyal customers in form of special treatments. But to avail VIP bonus a player must be a high roller.

How High Roller Casino Bonus works?

Of course you have to be a regular player before you can even go for a High Roller, at least in most of the casinos it is important for a High Roller to be regular, signed up and have a good bankroll. But, nowadays High Roller online casino bonus is open to everyone as long as you roll the deposit dice with higher value.

When you make a deposit with High Roller casino, you must keep the deposit amount high which could be $500 or $1000 or even more based on the casino's terms. The casino will then match 50% of your bonus. Thus, if you deposit up to $1000 casino will match it with $500. It is rare to find a casino that matches a High Roller with 100% match bonus as the risk is equally high, for both the player and the casino.

While the deposit is high and the payout or return is higher, it is important to check the wagering requirements. Casinos offering high rollers the exclusive stakes requires them to make number of multiple deposits, before they can look for withdrawing any sort of winnings. Minimum & maximum wagering requirements could go very high for VIP bonus like High Roller, so don't jump into it for the sake of earning special customer privileges.

How to claim High Roller Bonus?

  • Sign Up?

    Signup for free with an Online Casino offering High Roller Bonus.

  • Terms

    Read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming the bonus.

  • Bonus

    Do check whether a bonus code or a promo code is required to unlock the bonus.

  • Claim

    If yes then enter the code, make the deposit of at least the bare minimum amount and claim your.

Advantages for High Roller Casino Bonus

High Roller Bonus has its own handful of advantages which go beyond the higher returns and larger payouts. Signing up with a casino with bigger bankroll makes a player entitled to certain kind of luxuries and exclusiveness that an average depositor wouldn't be able to access. While these High Roller casinos are known to offer VIP service to attract high rollers and players with larger and fat bankroll to wager online, these kind of promotions are also a great opportunity for players to earn rewards & benefits such as:

  • Larger payout & cash-backs
  • Exclusive access to tournaments & events
  • VIP treatment & dedicated customer manager
  • Special bonuses & gifts
  • Better loyalty point conversation rates

Things you need to know about High Roller Bonus

Best part of High Roller games are the thrill & excitement attach to it when you start winning, but before you sign-up, deposit & jump in with your large cash it is important to understand the promotions & its Do's and Don't thoroughly because not only the winning is huge, the losses are grand too.

Here are few points to keep in mind:


Wagering limit

Each casino with their VIP bonuses have certain limit for minimum deposit amount which is often quite higher than the standard deposits. Only when you know you have the cash to afford such deposits irrespective of the game outcome, you must make your selection for the casino. Remember High Roller deposits can range anywhere from $500 to $5000 and even more.


Withdrawal requirements

VIP treatment is never free or easy thus to keep the exclusiveness attach to the promotion High Roller gambling sites often require you to wager 10x or 40x the bonus and even make deposits certain number of times, before claiming the winning amount.


High Roller Games

This form of online casino bonus is not open to all the games in a casino's lobby and thus you have a limited gaming option to wager on. Make sure you do know your game options & wager on eligible game only.


Cashback or reloads

With so much money involved casinos are offering cashbacks to cut down the losses which could throw away the rollers. This form of high roller cash back allows players to stay motivated while receiving some cash backs, when things start going south. Whereas the reloads only aim to push the deposits higher & to frequent level.


Risks involved in Bonus

Like any deposit bonus, High Roller has its risk and quite larger in terms of value thus understanding a casino’s terms & conditions about the wagering limit, requirements & redemption policy is always a good strategy to cut down the risk odds.

How to select a High Roller Casino bonus online?

Here, on, we give you a list of top high roller bonus casinos with best games, trusted banking & exclusive bonus & rewards to enjoy with higher wagering. These online casinos as listed here not only have High Roller and VIP services to offer but their other promotions are equally excellent.

But to pick your High Roller casino out of the best lot is tricky and must be done keeping few points in mind, such as:

  • Read reviews of these High Roller bonus casinos

  • Compare their game collection & variety

  • Pick casino based don't their ratings & software reputation