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Unlike the majority of other Casino games, Poker is a game based on strategy and the skills that you acquire by playing and progressing with time. Generally a series of turn-based games, Poker was initially played with just 20 cards, whereas today the same game is played with a standard card deck. You can also find Poker being played with 32, 40 or 48 cards in different places or regions of the world where short packs of cards are frequently used to play. Poker games in a conventional brick-and-mortar casino are played by multiple players in poker rooms. However, the game reaches a higher level as it evolves into a Poker Tournament.

A Poker Tournament is a game where players, from 2 to as many in number, join in a poker game consisting of a single table (a "heads-up" tournament) to hundreds of tables and try to win the top tournament prize known as “‘pot”. A “pot” usually contains the sum of money wagered by the players in a single hand or game. Due to the high prizes and the increasing blinds levels involved in this game type, Poker Tournaments are highly regarded among the players and are now successfully flourishing online. While you can always enjoy being a part of a poker tournament in a real life casino, you can also join any of the well-known online casinos to play and win from an Online Poker Tournament.

When you play Online Poker, not only are you able to enjoy the game at the comfort of your own place but also enjoy smaller overhead costs in contrast to a land based casino and poker room. Not to forget that you can play at multiple tables at the same time and automatically make more than one bet all together. In addition, you can play for low stakes and participate in the freeroll tournaments without any entry fee. You can also make use of different currency alternatives and banking methods based on your location to wager real money while playing. To say, if you can play online poker then a poker tournament isn’t far from your reach.

How does a Poker Tournament work?

As compared to regular poker, a Poker Tournament is an event that brings in players together to participate from on a single table to as many tables as possible. A tournament is considered over when a winner manages to win every single poker chip in the game and the rest of the players are awarded as per the time when they lost. Mainly, a Poker Tournament puts forth an opportunity for you to win a share of a prize pool, though this is not the case for every tournament of this kind as you may also play and win from a winner-takes-all game.

You can enter a Poker Tournament by paying an entry fee (including the rake/ house fee and a set part towards the prize pool) to play and win a part of the tournament prize. As you proceed through the game, you would discover the blind levels increasing on a constant rate and at regular intervals. As mentioned earlier, the tournament comes to an end when a player acquires all the poker chips hence, he or she is declared as the winner. The winning player is either rewarded with a first prize (in case of a prize pool) or the entire tournament prize is bestowed upon the same.

How to play Poker Tournament Online?

Playing in an Online Poker Tournament is kind of similar but still distinctive than a Live Poker Tournament that you experience at a land-based casino. Both forms of poker tournaments, online and live, have their pros and cons. While an Online Poker Tournament enables you to play any time and from any place with the help of a good internet connection and of course a running tournament, whereas you need to be physically present when it comes to playing in a live poker tournament.

On the contrary, a Live Poker Tournament allows you to read your opponents and their moves as they play which is absent in an Online Poker Tournament. Although you can always play at any of the card rooms near you, online poker gaming is a good option if you want to play on a much global level. You can refer to the following instructions to play in an online poker tournament:

  • You must be of legal age to be able to play at any online poker website.
  • Start by creating a valid account on the poker website of your choice.
  • Provide all the necessary details correctly and finish the registration process.
  • Some poker websites provide their apps that you can install on your electronic devices and enjoy on-the-go gaming.
  • Once successfully registered, you can then proceed to make the required deposit in the cashier section of your profile.
  • The online poker websites often provide plenty of banking methods and currency alternatives that you can avail of to stake real money and for withdrawals.
  • You can also opt for email notifications to know about everything that concerns your profile, payments, current and upcoming games and more.

The registration or sign-up process is likely to differ from one online poker website to another. So, one must always go through the terms and conditions or user agreement before joining a gaming platform to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Now that you’re one step close to making an entrance in the world of Poker, you can check out the following poker websites to start your journey:

  • 888 Poker
  • SportsBetting Poker
  • William Hill Poker
  • Everygame Poker
  • Ignition Poker
  • bet365 Poker
  • Bovada Poker

Additionally, Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Hold'em Rules, Chinese Poker, Pot-Limit Omaha, Short Deck Hold'em, 7 Card Stud, Razz, 5 Card Draw are just to name a few of the fan-favourite Poker games that you can play and win real money prizes and other rewards when you join the above mentioned online poker websites.

Types of Online Poker Tournaments

While a Poker Tournament is mainly based on card games, there are several ways to play and win through the same. Poker players, one-on-one or multiple, come together and compete in different poker tournaments or events to win. These Poker Tournaments majorly include:

  • Heads-Up Poker Tournament

    With just two players competing against each other, a Heads-Up Poker Tournament is a one-on-one game that continues until a winner is decided. One might ask the reason why it is called a ‘Tournament’ if there’s only two players involved in the poker game? The answer to that is that in this type of tournament there could be any even number of players, the only difference is that you will be playing against one player at a time. Different battles take place between two players under one tournament and the game proceeds to its end as the players are eliminated through the game. Heads-Up Poker Tournament is an intense game of two handed poker in which the the players that fall under the same level of tournament window are paid the same amount at the end. This is done to maintain fairness in the poker tournament.

  • Mystery Bounty Poker Tournament

    This type of Poker Tournament can bring you about a cash prize if or when you successfully eliminate the player against you. That means you can earn more bounties with every player that you knock out or eliminate. In a Mystery Bounty Poker Tournament the head amounts of your opponent player in the game are kept hidden in the beginning and are disclosed only after you have won the tournament. The element of surprise linked to the hidden prize money adds another layer of excitement when you play in such a tournament. Players are often seen recovering their wagered money and even making profit on top of that, so you might as well try your hands on that.

  • Turbo Poker Tournament

    Different from a regular poker game, a Turbo Poker Tournament functions much more swiftly. For that, you have about 20 seconds to act upon in a standard game but in Turbo Poker the time is limited to 10 seconds or so. The time limit may vary from one platform to another but the conclusion is that speed is the key to win in this tournament. The game in this format is quite aggressive and volatile because of the limited time given to play your hands.

  • Knockout Poker Tournament

    Each player in a Knockout Poker Tournament has a bounty on their head. Under this MTT (multi-table tournament), you earn a cash prize, known as bounty, by knocking out or eliminating your opponent. Likewise, you can earn more with each knockout and that too before the tournament is even over. A certain percentage of the prize pool in this tournament contributes to the bounty upon each player’s head, whereas the rest adds into the total prize money. You can also check out the other formats in this Tournament and these mainly include:

    • Regular Bounties – 20% of each buy-in adds to bounties
    • Super Knockout – equal percentage of the prize pool goes into bounties and regular rewards
    • Progressive Knockouts (PKOs) – the bounty prize is raised with every player that you knock out.
  • Satellite Poker Tournament

    A Satellite Poker Tournament is inclusive of all the players regardless of their poker bankrolls. Generally, the massive scale Poker Tournaments require higher amounts of money for the players to be able to even enter and play further. On the other hand, a Satellite Poker Tournament provides a chance to players with limited or smaller bankrolls to play in bigger and top tournaments like The World Series of Poker. To say, you can win a seat at a bigger poker tournament without risking as much money from your pocket. Some of the other game formats that can be entered in this tournament type are freezeout poker MTTs, sit and go, rebuys, and even knockouts.

  • Sit and Go Poker Tournament

    Usually referred to as SnG's, Sit & Go's, Single Table Tournaments, or STT's, a Sit and Go Poker Tournament can be entered by a set number of players. With no expected starting time, the tournament commences as soon as all the seats in the tournaments have been filled. Compared to the multi-table-tournament that can continue for hours, a Sit and Go Poker Tournament takes less time (usually 30-60 minutes) for the players to reach the end of the game.

What are the Biggest Poker Tournaments?

Some of the biggest and most anticipated Poker Tournaments that are organised over different time frames. These respective tournaments are listed as follows:

  • The World Series of Poker

    Regarded as the top-most tournament in the world of poker. This tournament operates through the year and has been running successfully for more than 40 years. The main event of this humongous tournament requires a buy-in of $10,000, though you can try and enter the main tournament at a much lower buy-in, that is, by winning the satellite tournaments aka qualifying tournaments.

  • Triton Super High Roller Series

    The Triton Super High Roller Series are similar to the world series of poker but this poker tournament series caters to the players who want to have the most exuberant poker experience. The poker tournaments are organised a couple of times in a year and are played in the most lavish way at some of the expensive casino houses.

  • World Championship of Online Poker

    The World Championship of Online Poker or WCOOP is a series of Poker Tournaments held by PokerStars on its website in the month of September. Through this online tournament, you can enjoy playing hundreds of at high, medium and low buy-in levels of poker games as you would in a land based casino.

  • The Big One for One Drop

    The Big One for One Drop takes place once every two years and this Poker Tournament is organised for a charity. Getting an entry into this Tournament is desired by many but it is quite difficult. The price paid by the participating players for the buy-ins is donated to an internationally acclaimed non-profit organisation that promotes water initiatives.

  • PokerStars Players Championship

    As suggested in the brand name, PokerStars is an online poker website that offers and promotes all forms of poker games and their formats to its players. This online platform conducts an annual event where the poker game lovers are invited to enjoy the game.

    Given below are some of the other renowned poker tournament that you can join and win from:

    • Macau High Stakes Challenge
    • World Poker Tour Championships
    • No Limit Texas Hold'em Mega Stack Tournament
    • Super High Roller Bowl
    • Los Angeles Poker Classic
    • Colorado Poker Championship
    • GuangDong Asia Millions
    • Heartland Poker Tour
    • Aussie Millions
    • The Commerce Hold'em Series
    • Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open
    • European Poker Tour
    • WPTDeepstacks
    • Venetian Deepstacks Extravaganza
    • Empire State Hold'em Championships

How long does an Online Poker Tournament last?

A Poker Tournament is incomparable in itself and it has different variants with different rules and techniques involved when played. As a result, these formats or variants of the tournament run under different time frames. Meaning that a poker tournament, depending on its format type, can run anywhere from a few minutes, to hours, to a couple of days, or even weeks.

For example, you can compare the running time of The World Series of Poker and any Turbo structured poker tournament to get an idea about how long these tournaments may last. As mentioned above, The World Series of Poker is a yearly game unbound by time after its start and ends only until a player has won all the chips at the poker table. On the other hand, a fast paced Poker Tournament like Turbo may last within a few minutes. A real life or Live Poker Tournament, based on its type, can stretch up to different blind level intervals as given below:

  • Slow tournaments – Greater than 1 hr levels
  • Average tournaments – 30 to 45 minute levels
  • Fast tournaments – 20 to 25 minute levels
  • Turbo tournaments – 15 minute levels
  • Hyper-Turbo tournaments – Less than 15 minute levels

For an Online Poker Tournament on the contrary, the blind levels can be of 30 or more minutes for Slow tournaments. As for the Turbo games, the blind levels are generally set for 5 minutes and a hyper-turbo tournament blinds levels could be of 3 minutes. An important thing to keep in mind is that whatever your desired poker tournament may be, you must always go through the rules and the strategy required to know the tournament length to avoid wasting your time and money.

Online Free Poker Tournament/Freeroll Poker Tournaments

A Free Poker Tournament or Poker Freerolls are events that you can participate in without making any payment for the entry-fee. However, your first entry might be free but you may have to make payments to get further buy-ins for next rounds in certain tournaments.

The Freeroll Tournaments are just like any other poker tournaments but the only exception is the entry-fee that you are relieved from. These tournaments are seen as an opportunity for the new poker players to participate for free and maybe even win. While a Freeroll Tournament is open to enter for free, it may not necessarily be open to all the players as these tournaments may be exclusive to specified player types in some cases.

How hard is it to Win an Online Poker Tournament?

Let’s be real, Poker is nothing like the regular casino games that are purely based on probabilities or luck. But there are no pre-written or set rules that you can apply to win either. Poker Tournament is that side of the casino which requires knowledge and skills concerning the game. So, one can only gather knowledge and learn to play with practice. Given below are some of the points that you can refer to learn

  • Be Attentive: This game of cards not only requires you to hone your own poker game but also be present in your game. A slight distraction can lead you to make a mistake that can cost you a fortune.
  • Expect the unexpected: Though a poker tournament is highly based on your skills, you just cannot predict what may fall upon, for eg. the cards you’re dealt or when a game gets difficult. Thus, you must always have a bankroll to back you up during hard times.
  • Learn to Fold: Folding is done quickly and it could be a difficult decision to make but it can turn out to be a safe option as you can be dealt more hands, especially when compared to live poker; and you can ultimately play another hand. Hence, letting go of poor hands is always a wise choice.
  • Strategy: Try and adopt different strategies as a single technique cannot work for all of your poker games. Understand the odds and learn to play with more hands than just the one that you consider lucky.