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Three Musketeers Slot Review

Join the Three Musketeers to Grab some Heart Throbbing Bonuses with this Video Slot

Game Information

SoftwareRed Tiger
Slot TypeVideo Slots
Min Coins Size0.30
Max Coins Size500
Released Date01.06.2017

Overview of Three Musketeers Slot

Based on the popular novel – 'Three Musketeers' this is a 5 reel 4 row slot, developed by Red Tiger gaming. The game features three musketeers -  Porthos, Athos and Arames, who are all set with their swords to help you win.  Each of these three musketeers bring along different bonuses for you viz Bar Bonus, Wheel bonus and Offer bonus. The three friends stay at the extreme right-hand side of the reels and the progress bar belonging to each of them gets filled up a little whenever they appear on the reels. Once the progress bar for any of these is filled up they bring bestow generous bonuses over you.

If you have decided to play this game after being fascinated by the theme of the game which is inspired by famous novel 'Three Musketeers' by Alxeandre Dumas. And, you imagine the musketeers fighting in a French town with swords in their hands, the graphics of the game are going to do complete justice to your expectations.

The green background, the archaic attire of the musketeers and the other symbols used like swords, ancient pints of ale, symbols used in playing cards (spaded, clubs, diamonds and hearts) bring out the theme really well and are going to take you back in time making sure you return only with abundant funds in your account.

Features of Three Musketeers Slot


Graphics, Sound effects and Looks

This video slot is produced by Red Tiger gaming software which is known for its high quality graphic and, the software has proved it right once again with the high quality graphics of this game. Both, the background of the reels and the symbols used in the game are completely in sync with the theme of this game.

The green color adds to the appeal of the game and if you are the one who already has in mind, the French town in Dumas novel, you are going to fall in love with this game all over again. The music used does wonders and adds more fun to the gaming experience.

Trigger 15 Free Spins And A 3x Multiplier

Game play and Configurations

  • Min Stake: $0.20
  • Max Stake: $500
  • Auto Play :  You can use this option to spin the reels mechanically any number of times you want ( 10, 20, 50, 100). The auto play option provided by this gaming software is quite advanced and an option to select loss limit anywhere between $20 to $20,000 is also available, which will stop the auto play if the losses incurred exceed the set limit.
  • Spin : Press the prominent yellow round button on the bottom right hand side to spin the reels of this game and enjoy the game play.

Symbols and their significance

Standard Symbols

Many symbols have been used in this game that work together to add to the look and feel of the game. The standard symbols although do not hold any special significance but contribute immensely to the winning combinations across the 40 paylines. These symbols include three swords against a red background , huge pints of ale, hats, swords, an emblem embedded on a gold coin, and some symbols out of the deck of playing cards like, diamonds(green), spades(blue),  hearts(red) and clubs (yellow).

Apart from these, some special symbols have also been used in the game that bring enhanced winnings for you, they include -

Three Musketeers

These are the most important symbols in the game on which the entire theme of the game is based. The three musketeers appear on the reels time and again adorned in ancient traditional attire and add to your winning possibilities.

Prothos is seen smiling in a red dress with a brown hat and red hair, while Arames is dressed in a blue dress and hat, with a grin on his face. The third friend Athos is in a green attire ready to jump in to the battle.

These musketeers only acts as collectibles since each time they come up on the screen, the progress bar corresponding to their icon is boosted by different amounts, depending on the reel on which they appear.


Each of the Three musketeers bring one wild symbol for you , all with different benefits.The red symbol with the alphabet 'W' on it belongs to Prothos and will cuts the reels diagonally when it appears. Likewise, the blue wild belongs to Aramise and cuts the reels vertically if is seen on the screen. The wild symbol of  Athos is green in color and will cut the reels diagonally for you.

Three Musketeers Slots Bonuses and Free Spins

All the three musketeers contribute to help you get some big wins by your side by bringing their own unique bonuses for you. Each time a musketeer appears on the reels it contributes to the progress bar on the extreme right hand. Bonus round gets started when progress bar for a particular musketeer is filled up. One bonus round is attributed to each musketeer and all three of them have been described below -

  • 1. Bar Bonus – This bonus is triggered after Porthos has appeared enough number of times on reels to fill up the Porthos progress bar. In this bonus round, you enter a exclusive room where Porthos gives you a  choice between three symbols before taking each step. The symbols you choose decide the direction you are going to move in and the final point of the room that you reach will decide your winning amount.
  • 2. Wheel Bonus – Arames brings this bonus for you after his progress bar is filled up. In this bonus round, Arames spins the wheel for you and adds some big wins to your bonus account.
  • 3. Offer Bonus – This bonus is triggered by Athos, who brings easy winnings for you, as all you have to do is accept or reject the offer he makes. When this bonus round starts Athos is there waiting for you with his offer and reveals it to you. Accept or decline the offer and he gives two more offer, choose wisely as he may increase or decrease the bonus in each offer that he makes!

Three Musketeers Software Provider

The Three musketeers slot is a 5 reel 4 row video slot with 40 paylines which is developed by Red Tiger gaming. This gaming software consists of a team of veterans and produces games that have superior 3D and 2D graphics.

The software brand develops games across all the gaming categories and has become one of the leading suppliers in Asia and Europe. It continues to expand its customer base at an impressive rate with its motto of leading the industry by pushing the limits and developing high end graphics.

Red Tiger gaming powers a large number of casinos, some of them being Betsson casino, Slots million casino, PokerStars and many others that continue to serve infinite satisfies players with its stunning games.

Three Musketeers Game Play

Three Musketeers SlotsThis is an interesting video slot based on three musketeers namely Porthos, Aramies and Athos, right out of the world famous novel of the same name by Alexandre. The archaic set up of the game and the perfectly chosen attires of the three musketeers are bound to take you back to the French town where these musketeers toiled. The symbols and the music used are going to make you fall in love with the 5 reels of this game that stand out beautifully against the faded green background perfectly blending in completely with the theme of this video slot game.

Try out this slot to win humongous bonus funds as the musketeers come to your rescue the – Porthos with his horizontal slashing wilds and the bar bonus, Aramis with Wheel bonus and the vertical slashing wilds and the diagonally slashes and generous offer bonus of Athos.

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