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A game of cards, Online Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco) is your best pick if you seek a more thrilling and suspenseful card game experience. The game is surely to keep you engaged until the last card is drawn from the shoe. To gain invaluable insight into the Online Baccarat game strategy and game rules, scroll down.

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1. How to Play Baccarat : Introduction How to Play Baccarat

The game of Online Baccarat has three possible outcomes: the player win, the banker win and the tie.

  • The Player Win: It is the winning bet placed on Player’s Hand by the bettor.  
  • The Banker Win: The winning bet on Banker’s Hand
  • The Tie: When neither the bet on banker’s hand nor on player’s hand wins. It is a standoff.

Strive to get a sum of 9

In Online Baccarat, the big number that every player tries to hit is 9, i.e., the sum of two cards drawn from the shoe should be equivalent to 9.

Draw A Total Of 3 Cards

You can receive a total of 3 cards if you are playing online baccarat for real money. If the sum of your two cards varies between 0 and 5, you’ll receive a third card. If you’ve got a 6 or 7, you won’t receive a third card. And if you get a 8 or 9 then you win. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Values Of Cards

How can you get zero as a hand value? Perplexed? Well, the values of cards in Online Baccarat for real money are different than the number mentioned on the card. All face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) and tens hold zero as their value. Also, as you cannot go over a 9, any count that exceeds the number 9 will lead you to dropping down to zero for a quick reset. In such a scenario, the left hand digit is dropped. For example, if a 5 is drawn followed by an 8, then the value considered for your hand would be 3 and not 13 as 1 of ‘13’ is dropped.

Quick Tips for Online Baccarat


Stay away from the ‘Tie Bet’

The ‘Tie Bet’ is likely to fascinate you because the payout is 8:1. But as they say, “Greedy eaters dig their graves with their teeth”. So, don’t be greedy and stay away from the ‘Tie Bet’ because it is the least likely of all outcomes.


Raise your stake for Banker’s Hand

The thought of paying 5% commission keeps you away from the Banker’s Hand, but it’s indeed a good pick for a winner’s bet.


Play Online Baccarat for free with no download

Before staking you real money, go for the trial version of the Online Baccarat which doesn’t cost you a penny. Many reputed casinos offer the trial version in a non-downloadable form. You couldn’t have asked for anything better.


Manage your Bankroll smartly

Choose smartness over greediness whilst playing Online Baccarat for Real Money. Is it your first time with the game? If yes then it is highly advisable to back off if the stakes are high. Also, if you win a decent amount then take it and enjoy other bettors playing. Being greedy is a complete ‘No-No’.

2. How to Find the Best Baccarat Casino How to Find the Best Baccarat Casino

In movies like 'Thunderball' and 'Dr. No (1962), you must have seen James Bond in fashionable attire playing at European casinos cleaning up the Baccarat table. An inspiration for every Baccarat lover, isn’t he? To earn as huge as him through internet, you need to scout for the best online casinos. What to look for to find the best? Well, read the pointers below and find an answer:

High Payout Percentage

High Payout Percentage

The amount paid by casinos in winnings is known as payout. Always go for an online casino offering high payout percentage. For example, an Online Baccarat game with a 98% payout will give you $98 for every $100 gambled. The difference of $2 is given away to the casino.



To experience the best of gambling world, it is advisable to compare bonuses of different online casinos before signing up. An Online Casino offers an array of bonuses to its players. Just don’t be lured by the quantity offered by an Online Casino.


Banking Methods

We list only those Online Baccarat Casinos which offer an array of deposit and withdrawal methods. Also, before listing the casino, we do check the ease by which a player can cash out his/her winnings.

Gaming Software

Gaming Software

Play Online Baccarat for real money only with online casinos powered by gaming software like Microgaming, PlayTech, NetEnt and Realtime Gaming.

3. Baccarat Game Rules Baccarat Game Rules

Making a choice of on which hand to wager can be a little tricky until you brush up your Online Baccarat rules. To ease it down for you, our gaming experts have penned all the rules you need to know in order to master the game of Online Baccarat.

  • The Online Baccarat for Real Money is played using either a 6-deck or 8-deck shoe.
  • The value of all the tens and face cards are equivalent to zero.
  • Aces are valued at 1 and not 11.
  • In the game of real cash Online Baccarat, suits are irrelevant.
  • In this single-digit game, if you go over 9 then you reset back to 0.
  • The following table explains everything pertaining to the move of a Banker and a Player. For player’s hand too, the information remains same.
Bank’s Hand Bank’s Move
2 or less Takes a third card
3 Takes a third card, unless the player’s third card dealt is an 8
4 Takes a third card, unless the player’s third card dealt is a 0, 1, 8 or 9
5 Takes a third card, unless the player’s third card dealt is a 4, 5, 6 or 7
6 Takes a third card, unless the player’s third card dealt is a 6 or 8.
7 No third card is withdrawn
8 or 9 It is a ‘Natural Win’ and no third card is withdrawn

4. Baccarat Tips & Strategies Tips & Strategies

There is no universally applicable Baccarat game strategy for a sure shot win in Online Baccarat for real money. But a little bit of logic when coupled with mathematical calculations can do wonders. This section will feed you on strategies and tips to take you a step closer to winning.

Follow the shoe and yield better outcomes

The Online Baccarat is a game of sheer luck. So, the least a gambler can do to yield better results is, follow the shoe methodology. Observe the last few winning hands, jot it down and look for betting patterns accordingly.

Stay away from ties, stay away from be-fooling yourself

The Tie Bet wins once in a blue moon. So, do not get greedy by the alluring payout of the Tie Bet. It is a sheer scam for gamblers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game along similar lines to Blackjack. It is one of the oldest and the simplest table game that an online casino can offer. It features a banker and a player, with each being dealt two cards from the deck.

Is betting equal on both Banker's and Player's hand?

Both Banker and Player's Hand pay equal money. Suppose you place a bet of $10 on either the banker of the player's hand and your bet wins, you will receive $10 as the payout is even. Then what's the difference between both the bets is what you ask? Well, if you place a bet on Banker's hand then you'll have to pay a commission of 5% to the online whereas no commission is payable for betting on player's hand.

Can I bet only on my hand?

This is a myth that many gamblers have. No, you just don't have to bet on your hand aka Player's Hand. You can bet on either hand, Banker's Hand or Player's Hand. All you need to know is that you need to hit the biggest number for the game, the NUMBER 9.

What is the value of cards in Online Baccarat?

The value of cards is the same as mentioned on the card except for face cards, tens and aces. The value of tens and face cards is equivalent to zero and the value of aces is equivalent to 1.

Can I play Baccarat for free?

Yes, many online casinos offer free Baccarat for real money. It is indeed a good way to learn ropes before staking your real money.

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