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Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

Read our extensive guide for playing free or real money blackjack. We bring to you a list of top rated online casinos offering real money blackjack with mind-boggling welcome bonus to get you started. Get to know about the rules of the game, the types offered by various casinos, the frequently asked questions associated with this table game and much more.

Top Online Casinos for Playing Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack

A highly exciting card game with thrilling gameplay, Blackjack or 21 had been entertaining players since 18th century. Played with multiple decks of cards, with 52 cards in each deck, Blackjack is all about beating the casino’s hand to get a 21 hand or the closest number possible.

Blackjack when played online is no different from land based version when it comes to rules or the gameplay. Online Blackjack is played against the casino, each side gets two cards and have to draw new card based on the total of the first two cards. With player going first, its all about decisions like Hit (to draw new card) and Stand (to stop and let the casino dealer play).

A little bit of Math, a little bit of luck and a good deal of judgment is what makes Blackjack a perfect challenge for thrill seekers.

Quick Tips for Blackjack

  • Approved casino

    Approved casino

    Blackjack is the most played card game. It becomes very important to choose the right casino online as one would not want to end up playing in a corrupt casino. The credibility of a casino is essential because there are many such elements which can help you play smoothly or turn the things ugly. For instance, the cards from one or more number of decks are to be picked randomly and online casinos use RNG method for this purpose. RNG is random number generation. The deck is shuffled digitally. A good online casino will never try to fiddle with it.

  • Budget control

    Budget control

    The best and convenient way of staying at the table for longer is by placing small and wise bets. Keep a separate budget and play according to that only. Don’t wager too much in excitement, else it will result in depleting of your bankroll.

  • Strategy

    Strategy and Plan

    Although blackjack is a game of luck and one cannot really keep an eye on every card played or move made, but just a little effort in planning out a strategy will help you a lot. For example, you can go for a hit if your hand value is 17 or less and dealer’s is 7 or more. You can go for a split in case you get two aces.

  • Patience

    Patience is the key

    Agreed, that blackjack can be a little tricky to play and you might end up playing a losing streak. But a little patience is required because once you follow a particular strategy, you will start understanding the game.

  • One Time Purchase

    One Time Purchase vs Multi Draw vs Subscriptions

    After selecting your lucky Lotto numbers; you need to make a choice between One Time Purchase, Multi Draw or Subscriptions which are further explained below:

  • Pay

    Pay for Your Lottery Ticket

    Once Online Lottery Concierge, Lottery game and lucky Lotto numbers are in place; all you need to do to play Online Lottery is pay for your ticket and wait for the odds to be in your favor!

How to Find the Best Blackjack Casino

As discussed earlier, it is very essential to choose the right online casino for playing Blackjack. A lot many things can be considered before zeroing down on anyone online casino. Let’s have a look at these factors :

Blackjack when played online is no different from land based version when it comes to rules or the gameplay. Online Blackjack is played against the casino, each side gets two cards and have to draw new card based on the total of the first two cards. With player going first, its all about decisions like Hit (to draw new card) and Stand (to stop and let the casino dealer play).

A little bit of Math, a little bit of luck and a good deal of judgment is what makes Blackjack a perfect challenge for thrill seekers.

Payout Percentage

Payout percentage

The house edge in the game of blackjack is mere 0.05%, the lowest amongst all card games. This makes it easy for the players to win big, provided they play using correct strategy and plan. So, if the chances to win big are greater, than the player should positively choose the casino with maximum payout %age. That way take away prize will be more.


Secure and safe play

Online gambling involves online banking. No one would want to go for a casino which does not provide any security for the online transaction. Go for a casino which ensures SSL encryption of the data. Not only this, an online casino should never disclose the private information of a client to any third party. It should be eCOGRA certified and be transparent in its dealing.


Bonuses and Rewards

A good welcome bonus could really help players take a confident stand on the real money blackjack game. Many online casinos give huge welcome bonuses, rewards and other bonuses at different steps in the game. Go for the ones that give away good bonuses for the game.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

This craze has come up lately and is growing amongst the blackjack community. Players nowadays opt for live blackjack and want to keep it real. Live blackjack works on live streaming of the table and dealer. It is like enjoying a game of blackjack at a land based casino but from your home. All you need is a good internet connectivity. So, go for a casino that has this facility of giving you a live experience of the game.

Variety in Spice

Variety is the spice

Blackjack is a game of patience. It can be a little boring to play the basic version all the time. There are many other versions of blackjack available, like spanish blackjack, european blackjack, blackjack switch, blackjack surrender etc. They can spice up the things a little. Many online casinos offer such versions and you must select from those casinos.

Blackjack Game Rules

Let’s take a look at some rules related to blackjack game and get you acquainted with the process of how the game is played.

  • For real money blackjack, you need have a sufficient bankroll.
  • Two cards each are given to the player and the dealer.
  • Dealer has one card faced up and other faced down.
  • Player can see both the cards.
  • Player can then decide as to what to do with this hand.
  • He has 4 options then - hit, split, stand, double down.
  • Goal is to collect 21 or the nearest total.
  • In the last, dealer reveals his cards.
  • The one - player or dealer - having a total nearest to 21, wins.

There are different terms in this game and

  • Stand

    Dealer should not deal you with more cards
  • Soft hand

    A hand with aces, be it one or more, having value 1 or 11
  • Hit

    Dealer should deal you with more cards
  • Hard Hand

    A hand without aces, having current value 11
  • Split

    Separate the two cards into two hands
  • Surrender

    To give up an unfortunate hand and get back half of your stake.
  • Double Down

    The original bet gets doubled with accepting only one card
  • Bust

    A hand having total value of more than 21.

Types of Blackjack

The original blackjack has gone under so many changes and now if we talk about the variants of the game, there are hundreds of them available. We have explained just a couple of them below.


Blackjack Switch

It has a little twist in it. The player deals in two hands and gets the option to switch the second card of each hand.


Blackjack Surrender

Here, just after dealing the two cards, players can surrender and take back half of his stake value.


Live Blackjack

This is the most fun of all. You get to play the real money blackjack from the comfort of your living room. It’s like enjoying a land based casino from your home.


Spanish Blackjack

This version involves 6 to 8 decks of cards without number 10 cards. The dealer can look if it's a blackjack hand or not. It can result in a tie if the player also has one.

Blackjack Tips & Strategies

To play blackjack and then ultimately win the game is something that every card game enthusiast longs for. Online casinos have come up with so many variants of the game that new players or the pros, both can enjoy it. Let’s try to put out a strategy for the players who are looking forward to understand this game and play online.

  • First and foremost, it is very important to understand the tactics involved and the rules as to how this game works. It can be dangerous to try your hands at this game without knowing the rules, as this could lead to a huge financial loss. It is not a game of luck but mind and strategy. Every variant might have different rules, or for that matter, different card values. So, it is important to know which variant of blackjack you are playing. Having said that, let us move on to the next point.

  • Online casinos always offer free versions of the game for the new players to get a hold of the game. One can always play a free game and understand the rules, card values, frame the strategies and learn side by side. This way the game can be understood easily and then a player can try real money blackjack online.

  • As said earlier, there are many types of blackjack game that a player can enjoy. And, these versions have different rules and card values. The basic version has higher value cards of K,Q,J and 10 all marked with value 10 only, no matter what the face value is. All aces carry two values - 1 and 11, and these values can be used to benefit a situation.

  • Also, there is a way that you can strategize a given hand. Given below is a table to help you understand it better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Play blackjack on my computer instead of playing at online casino?

    Yes, you sure can. Almost all the leading online casinos have this facility of a downloadable software. You can download the software for free and play on your PC. You require internet connection for this also. Downloadable versions are quicker than playing at online casinos because all the games get stored in your system itself. The registration process is similar to the one online. Playing blackjack on your system will be quicker and more prompt than ever. In case you wish to play with some other casino, then you will have to download the software version of that very casino onto your system.

  • How to play Blackjack 21?

    Blackjack 21, or simply blackjack or 21, is a card game which involved multiple decks. A player has to reach a total card value of 21 before the dealer does. For further knowledge on rules and steps, kindly read the rules in our comprehensive review of the game above.

  • What are the requirement for playing free or real money blackjack?

    As such playing online for real money blackjack requires a computer device or a mobile phone, strong internet connection and a funded account with a good online casino. To play free blackjack, you can try your hands on the free versions of the game. This way you will understand the game in case you are new to it and then maybe start playing for real money.

  • How to choose the best online casino and how to know whether that casino is not fraud?

    Running a casino is a very lucrative business and this is the only reason why so many online casino have mushroomed over the past decade. Not all these casinos are safe and not all of them will guarantee you security when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. The best and most reliable way to find a nice catch is to check out our reviews for the top rated casinos of the industry. We inspect an online casino from every possible angle and bring to you a list of the 'best in industry' casinos. Reviews help way better than just going with your gut feeling.

  • Is it possible to count cards while playing? Is it allowed?

    It is almost impossible to keep an eye on the cards and count them while playing online blackjack for real money. Two to eight decks are used sometimes and shuffling is done after every hand. This makes it next to impossible for a player to count cards. Why we say so, is because all that a player can use to calculate the cards is his brain and memory. No electronic device or external help is allowed.

  • What is house edge? How is it determined?

    All casinos keep a profit margin for themselves from a player's bet. It is called a house edge. It can be a fixed percentage or can vary. This depends on the casino. Generally, it is kept at 1% or below. One should check it before placing any bets because with many casinos, this value could be at a little higher side.

  • How much luck is involved in Blackjack?

    Luck works only with the cards that are dealt. Rest all can be worked out if you strategize your game.

  • Is it safe to deposit money for online blackjack?

    Yes. One must choose reputed online casinos to have secure and safe transactions for depositing and withdrawing money into the accounts. The eCOGRA certified online casinos give assurance and SSL technology keeps transactions encrypted. Check out our list of top casinos which will give you safety with your money, and many other facilities to make it a pleasurable and fun casino experience.