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Online Keno for Real Money

Ever played a lottery? Keno is one of a kind. The game was first played in China and came to the west in the 19th century. Unlike Lottery, you don't have to wait for long to know the status of your win. Your job is to select your favorite numbers, wait for the Casino to draw the numbers and you get paid on the basis of how many numbers you have matched.

Top Online Casinos for Playing Keno

How to Play Keno

Keno being one of the popular games in the modern Gambling world has entered into the online system as well. Although the game is similar to Lotto, it has it's own unique features. To play the game, you need to pick numbers from the Keno's grid. (The amount of numbers you can choose depends entirely on the Casino you have chosen.) and your win is based on how many numbers match the drawn numbers out of all the numbers chosen by you.

Quick Tips for Keno

Payout Table

It is important to understand the Paytable completely before starting to bet. You must try the free games prior to your real money gameplay and learn what numbers can make you win and enhance your play.

Game of numbers

Keno is a game of numbers and no skills can make you win the game. Choosing the right numbers alone can intensify your play. You must look for the numbers which come up frequently and choose the numbers with high and low range in the same area. This is one of the best strategies to follow.

Keno Bonuses

Most of the Casinos offer promotional bonuses to the customers during the Sign up. You must choose a right Casino offering decent bonuses as these bonuses can help you with the game during your Sign up at an online Casino.

How to Find the Best Keno Casino

Choosing a suitable site is an essential thing to do before initiating your play. Read further to know How you can choose the best site for playing your favorite game:

Payout Rate

High Payout

Like, other Casino games it is crucial to check the payout percentage offered by the Casino before beginning your journey at one. The Payout percentage is the amount which will be offered by the Casino on winning as a proportion of the money wagered. The more is the Payout percentage, the more is the value of your win. Therefore, you must choose a Casino offering High payout to win big.


Banking Details

You must go through the Banking details of the Casino, before registering yourself at a particular Casino so as to avoid any trouble in the future. It's finer to select a Casino offering banking methods such as Neteller, Master Cards, Paypal, Visa etc for an ultimate Gaming experience.

Software and Customer Support

Software and Customer Support

Online Keno Games use a Software known as Random Number Generator or are powered by Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. It is important to check if the Casino you have chosen provides the same for your Keno game. You must also confirm about the customer support of the Casino and look through if the support is reliable and efficient.


Keno Bonuses

Most Casinos tend to offer various promotional bonuses during your Sign up. You must choose a Casino with free games and good bonuses so that you can prepare yourself enough with the game, before playing for real money.

Keno Variants

Keno Variants

Most of the Casinos provide a number of variants of the game including Split Keno Tickets, Combination Keno Tickets, Super Keno, King Keno Tickets and many more. You must choose a Casino providing all these or few other variants of the game so as to enjoy your game completely.

Keno Game Rules

You don't have to memorize a plenty of rules before playing Keno. What you need to know is a mere set of points and you are ready for the play:

  • Select a site to play Keno. (You can also play on your web browser.)
  • Choose a game from a number of variants available.
  • The keno board has 80 numbers but you are not supposed to pick all the numbers. The amount of numbers you can choose depends entirely on the Casino you have chosen. Usually, you can pick minimum 1 number and maximum 20 numbers.)
  • ¬†Once you have chosen the numbers, you can select the amount you'd want to wager on the numbers. (You cannot cancel or change the bet once you submit it.)
  • You can now click 'Play one' (Implying numbers and bet for one game) or 'Play five' (Implying same numbers and bet for 5 games) and the numbers will be drawn.
  • You must check the Paytable and calculate how much you'll be paid for your numbers.
  • Your payout will be determined by how many numbers you choose and how many of those match the numbers which are drawn. For instance, you choose 6 numbers and 5 numbers match the numbers drawn. You will be paid the amount which the Casino has kept for hitting 5 numbers.

Although Keno is an easy game and hardly require any specific tips or strategies. There are a couple of elements to be kept in mind while playing keno online:

Payout Percentage

The most important thing to do before playing Keno is to completely understand the Paytable, the paytable specifically calculates how much you'll be paid for matching the specific numbers. Therefore, understanding the paytable is the most essential element in Keno.

Choosing the numbers

Keno is more of a game of numbers and less of a game of skills. So, picking the numbers is the utmost step to make before placing your bet. You must choose your numbers vividly as you cannot replace the numbers, once you place the bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Keno for free?

    Yes. Various Casinos offer free games for promotional purposes. You can look through the site and enjoy your free game.

  • How much can I win playing Online?

    Your winning amount entirely depends upon the casino you are playing with. Every Casino has it's own payout. You must go through the Paytable before placing your bet.

  • How old do I have to be to play Online Keno?

    Every country has it's own age limit for Gambling. You must go through the terms and conditions of the Casino to check the eligibility criteria. If you want to play the game for fun purpose, you can anytime try with a site offering free gameplay.

  • Is there any specific strategy to win Keno?

    No. There is as such no specific strategy to win the game. The game is based on choosing the numbers and only strategy to win the game is matching your numbers to the numbers drawn.